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In 2012, Kobe Gakuin Educational Foundation celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. In 2016, the university marked the 50th anniversary of its founding. At this opportunity, when our university has marked the milestones of both this 100 year and 50 year anniversaries, we announced the“Kobe Gakuin 100-Year Declaration” and implemented our “mid-term action plan” as a five-year-long plan based on that declaration. From AY2018, we have formulated our“second mid-term action plan” and implemented a new five-year-long plan. In addition, we took advantage of the 50th anniversary of the university’s founding to announce a vision for its next 50 years. That vision clarifies the issues that the university needs to address, and we are tackling those steadily.

Under the above-mentioned effort, in AY2018, we opened a “Faculty of Psychology” at the Arise Campus as the university’s 10th faculty. This faculty offers a curriculum designed to prepare students for Japan’s new Licensed Psychologists. In AY2019, we also opened a Graduate School of Psychology. We have also started to offer credits under our inter-professional education (IPE) program, a workshop-based offering in which students of the four faculties and six departments related to medicine and social welfare learn about the possibilities of multi-disciplinary cooperation.

In AY2020, we began offering a course on Medical Technologies in the Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Nutrition.

From now on, I believe it must be the mission of Kobe Gakuin University to offer education based on its school philosophy through “wisdom” and “ingenuity” in response to the COVID-19 crisis so that students can realize their own growth and enter the workforce with a sense of self-confidence, and to provide various support for all students to be able to achieve their dreams and goals. We must also strive to become an institution that will continue to operate into the indefinite future, one that is prized for its essential role in society, by enhancing our education, research, and social outreach programs. I would be most grateful if you could understand and support our university.


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