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HSE University HSE and Kyung Hee University Double Degree Master in Economics, Politics and Business in Asia
HSE University

HSE and Kyung Hee University Double Degree Master in Economics, Politics and Business in Asia

Moscow, Russia

2 Years


Full time

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RUB 390,000 / per year


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Practice-oriented, English-language dual Master’s degree program at leading universities in Russia and Asia. Students are enrolled at two universities simultaneously and select one of the following tracks: Business in Asia or International Relations in Asia. The first and final semester of the program takes place in Moscow and the second and third at Kyung Hee University (Seoul).

Graduates of the program will be awarded:

  • A Master’s degree in Foreign Area Studies from HSE University;
  • An MBA in Asian Business or MA in International Relations from Kyung Hee University.

This will enable graduates to build careers relating to countries in Asia across a wide range of specializations.

Program Overview

This dual Master’s degree program in Economics, Politics, and Business in Asia from HSE and Kyung Hee University is ideally suited for those that would like to supplement their specialization with knowledge of business management, law, ethics, and international relations in East Asia with due regard for local specificities. It is designed for those that plan to build their future careers relating to East Asian countries in Russian or international companies, start their own business in their own country or abroad, or excel in politics or public administration.

The program is founded on the best academic traditions of Russia and the world for preparing Master’s candidates and gives graduates competitive advantages in the labor market. The program enlists the best teaching staff, as well as bright specialists and practitioners, who enrich the learning process by using their own personal examples and business cases.


Main Advantages of the Program

  • Leading teachers from Russia and abroad, whose qualifications meet high international selection criteria.
  • Academic curricula and program disciplines, which have been developed in accordance with international standards.
  • The second and third semesters spent at Kyung Hee University, which aim at an in-depth study of the economic, political, legal, and socio-cultural landscape of China, the Republic of Korea, and Japan, as well as of international relations and the particularities of conducting business in such countries.
  • Studying in English, which gives students the opportunity not only to communicate freely in an international academic community but also to perfect existing skills of academic writing, as well as public speaking in the English language. In addition, this mode of study helps broaden one's horizons and go beyond a university education in a single country.
  • Studying a second foreign language: Chinese, Korean, or Japanese (at the student’s choice) - enables graduates to communicate effectively in business contexts with representatives from businesses or government bodies in East Asian countries and work successfully in cross-cultural teams.
  • Project-format of coursework and graduate qualification work, which are carried out using the materials of international and Russian companies that work with partners from countries in Asia.
  • Contemporary methods of study, which include using the newest textbooks and training manuals of Korea, China, Japan, Russia, the USA, and European countries. Availability of university library. Access to vast informational and educational databases, subscriptions, and electronic libraries from two of the largest universities.
  • Internships at leading Russian and international companies located in Russia, Korea, China, and Japan, as well as at research institutions and government agencies.
  • Networking among graduates and students of partner schools of the Master's program; there are many foreign students from China, Korea, and Japan who are building successful careers.



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