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Hochschule Biberach University Of Applied Science

Hochschule Biberach University Of Applied Science

Hochschule Biberach University Of Applied Science


Biberach University - a vibrant university in the fields of construction, energy, biotechnology and business administration

Traditionally, a School of Construction is the Biberach University for the classical disciplines architecture and civil engineering. Special differentiate these study programs: project management (construction) and Business Administration (Construction & Real Estate). Guided by the vision of energy the HBC expanded its academic offerings in energy efficiency: The courses Energy Engineering and Power form young professionals - engineers like merchants - for this future task. The focus in teaching and research is in the area of ​​renewable energies.

At the same time constitutes HBC with biotechnology an entirely new focus. The courses Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Industrial Biotechnology offer a scientific education, supplemented by current research projects.

The Academy of Biberach University offers part-time graduate courses and an extensive training and conference program for professional training.

Nationwide university rankings attest to the quality of the HBC in teaching and research: Repeatedly received the HBC top marks!

What the Biberach University drives

Through their study programs in the fields of architecture and civil engineering, building climate and energy systems as well as business management and biotechnology, Biberach University has a scientific and at the same time practical confrontation of man, environment and energy. The existence of man is based on the presence of energy in different forms and their use. In particular, the Basic and safety needs of the people in the field housing, employment, climate and health are increasingly holistic and dominated by the rational and reasonable use of energy.

The Biberach University understands the scientific analysis of man and energy as a permanent process in the regional and global social change and give them adequate based teaching offers students in undergraduate and consecutive courses. The study offers are regularly evaluated, adapted and expanded by, for example, dual study models. Regional and international networks to universities and the economy strengthen our international profile.

The vision Biberach University can be described by the following principles:

  1. The Biberach University stands for innovative, professional qualification and practical training of engineers with the highest efficiency, effectiveness and quality.

. 2 The Biberach University supported with their training offer contributions to solving the current energy and climate issues.

. 3 The Biberach University has adequate size to ensure the independence, efficiency and attractiveness alike.

. 4 The Biberach University operates regionally and internationally, it maintains strategic alliances in parts with other universities.

. 5 The Biberach University is an attractive partner in research, development and service tasks for regional and national companies.

. 6 The university is located their relative importance aware as respected educational institution in the city and district Biberach and contributes to their image building and profiling at.


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