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Greenwich School of Management Weekend Executive MBA
Greenwich School of Management

Weekend Executive MBA

London, United Kingdom

24 Months


Part time

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Aug 2024

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Weekend Executive MBA

In recent years the MBA degree has become the foremost academic qualification for managers. Academics and industrialists alike have recognised the value of the degree in developing staff for the challenges of the rapidly changing business environment. Research has shown that the award of the MBA assists the personal development of managers, as well as benefiting their career and professional life.

One of the strengths of our MBA programmes is the diversity of programme members’ backgrounds and experiences. The range of functional, professional and vocational skills and knowledge that participants bring to the programme allows the lecturing faculty to test the validity of theoretical concepts against a rich background of personal and organisational outlooks.

The programmes encourage individuals from all walks of life, and from all organisational and working backgrounds. Engineers, accountants, legal practitioners, those in the caring professions and other technically-based professionals, can all benefit from the experience of the MBA. Indeed, the programme is rooted in the belief that the wider the range of programme members’ backgrounds and experiences the more it aids the learning process.

Mode of attendance

The University of Plymouth Executive MBA programmes at Greenwich School of Management can be studied by part-time attendance as follows:

  • Executive - 24 months (7 weekends and 3 Saturdays)

The Executive MBA programmes have ten enrolment possibilities each year


Executive MBA Management

The Executive MBA is designed for those with substantial experience and who are currently holding middle or senior managerial responsibilities. The programme is interactive and course members are encouraged to relate learning to their current management activities. The programme builds on existing experience and aims to develop course members career development and strategic management contribution.

The main philosophy of the programme is that management can be taught as a unified body of knowledge, applicable to any business organisation.

The programme aims to develop the analytical skills of the course members within the context of management. These skills embody the knowledge, techniques and best practice in business administration and focus on problem identification and problem-solving. Emphasis is also placed on the interrelationship of management problems and tasks.

Executive MBA Health Services Management

The Executive MBA Health Services Management is aimed at decision-makers in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The programme provides relevant management training and a well respected postgraduate qualification to those seeking more senior posts in primary and secondary healthcare.

The programme combines the study of health services management and general management. The programme allows health professionals to obtain the necessary skills to manage health care services in rapidly changing and increasingly business-like environments.

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