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Flanders Business School


Business education at the crossroads of entrepreneurship and management

Flanders Business School, Founded in 1977, has been an independent educational institution to date. This allows us, in all freedom, to develop own and self-directed training concepts tailored to our students. We are proud to be close to our business partners and responding to their needs, even when they change.

In 2013, Flanders Business School entered into a close partnership with KU Leuven. In the meantime, the FBS campus in Antwerp has been fully integrated into the adjacent KU Leuven campus in the Korte Nieuwstraat. The close collaboration with the university offers our students the opportunity to enjoy the proximity of a leading knowledge institution with a worldwide network and rich expertise in just about all subject areas. They can use the library on the campus, the research databases, the PC classes and the other state-of-the-art IT resources of the university. We therefore like this partnership in our logo and our corporate style.

In addition, FBS is also strongly internationally oriented; So we work with the Kellogg School of Management (Chicago) and the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta (IIMC).

Flanders Business School From our focus on entrepreneurship, we want to be a place of open discussion about strategy, management and innovation as key to social progress.

As a business school, we offer our students a training based on a combination of high-level scientific research and recognized best practices, stimulating personal initiative and critical reflection in a culture of consultation, cooperation, solidarity and freedom. Therefore, FBS is highly interdisciplinary and we are also actively working with partners at home and abroad.

FBS stands for active participation in the social and economic debate and the expansion of the knowledge society.


Let entrepreneurs lead and lead leaders.


Businesses and entrepreneurs are an essential part of our economic fabric. Flanders Business School wishes to actively support them.

At FBS, we also see it as a challenge to create added value, both for our partners and for our students.

We believe that a solid business (or management) education with a focus on the practical dimension of entrepreneurship can make a difference - hence: Business education on the crossroads of entrepreneurship and management. It is also the reason why we combine our knowledge and skills from usual business education with the cases that are applied by our students - almost all of them entrepreneurs.

We come outside with a diploma, an entrepreneurial attitude and a plan!


  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Engagement with participants and their case
  • International in the field of cooperation


  • Antwerp

    Flanders Business School Sint-Katelijnevest 26-28 , 2000 , Antwerp