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European School of Data Science and Technology - ESDST

European School of Data Science and Technology - ESDST

European School of Data Science and Technology - ESDST


About ESDST:

European School of Data Science & Technology (ESDST) specializes in offering education in the technical field such as data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, cybersecurity, cloud computing, etc.

With us, you not only learn, but earn recognised certifications and degrees, and Boost CV by building portfolio with our project-based hybrid learning metholodogy!


ESDST partners to offer degrees accredited by RNCP, French Labour Ministry, France. In addition, European School of Data Sciences & Technology (ESDST) is a Swiss EduQua certified institution with the certification number CH23/00000103. EduQua certification is a testament to the quality of education offered by ESDST. Moreover, our courses equip learners with in-depth knowledge, allowing them to pursue industry certifications from AWS, Microsoft, Databricks, Google, and more. Each of our Master programs offers an opportunity to earn French Ministry of Labour recognised degree and four Swiss Eduqua certified Certificates and a reference letter from your industry mentor.

Drawing from our group's 15+ years of experience in adult education with 5400+ alumni from 80+ countries, we've refined a hybrid teaching methodology designed exclusively for adult learners. We've meticulously crafted a three-tier approach to course design, which involves the collaboration of industry professionals and academic professors in shaping course content and its delivery through our cutting-edge e-campus. Furthermore, we pair each learner with a dedicated Student Success Manager to foster consistent communication. Our live bootcamps and mentorship allows learners to interact with industry professionals to learn execution of the concepts.

This aforementioned dynamic synergy guarantees that our courses achieve a harmonious blend of academic rigor and hands-on, practical education. Our andragogy empowers you to learn at your convenience, 24X7, all while benefiting from mentorship by both academic and industry professionals.


We prioritize project-based learning, enabling you to apply conceptual frameworks to solve real-world problems. Every course is assessed via projects, culminating in a significant Capstone Consulting Project. This approach allows you to develop a comprehensive portfolio or CV, featuring a minimum of 13+ projects upon program completion. Imagine the impact of a CV enriched with a diverse range of projects.

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Why ESDST is an excellent choice for you!

Unlock Your Potential with ESDST - Your Path to Quality Education!

European School of Data Science and Technology (ESDST) offers an opportunity for a personalized best quality education in the mode you prefer. We offer education in 2 models - online, and on campus. For working professioanls who cannot take sabbatical, they can compete their education in online mode.

Those who prefer a classroom setting can opt to study at our state-of-the-art campus in France, equipped with cutting-edge computer labs, language facilities, and excellent sports amenities to foster a conducive learning environment.

Our Didactic Model:

We are pioneer in Online education with our group's 15+ years existence in adult learning. We believe in competency enhancement which is possible by Active-learning strategies where learners are involved in the learning process. For achieving this, we adapted 3-tier approch to course design and academic delivery, which can be personalized and is available 24X7. Our curriculum is designed by industry professionals and education experts together to ensure practical course content and academic rigour. All learners personalise their studies via our e-campus. To ensure timely response, a student success manager is allocated to each learner. We organize regular guest sessions and Live Boot Camps, all recorded for your convenience.

In-depth Curriculum

As a dedicated tech school, we are committed to providing in-depth education and research in the tech field. Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for success in the industry, whether you're seeking a career change or aiming for advancement within your organization. Our curriculum has been vetted by industry professionals, ensuring it aligns with the current job market demands.

We are proud to have our curriclum vetted from industry professionals to offer the learning which is required to enter for job.

Programs to prepare top-level Managers & Industry Professionals!

We offer range of programs that suit the need for all background of learners. Typical target group for our programs are as follows:

  • Management Leaders: Anyone from management background or willing to be a top-level manager willing to learn making data-driven decisions can consider following programs, in these programs you learn (Management + Data tools and its applications)
    • MBA Business Analytics
    • MBA Big Data Management
    • MBA Data Science, AI & ML
  • Managers who are willing to learn conducting in-depth research in their fields of operations can consider following programs, in these programs you learn (Management + Management Specializations + Data tools and its applications), for instance preparing beautiful dashboards, decision recommendations using data, etc)
    • MBA Business Analytics & Intelligence (Financial Analytics)
    • MBA Business Analytics & Intelligence (Human Resource Analytics)
    • MBA Business Analytics & Intelligence (Sports Analytics)
    • MBA Business Analytics & Intelligence (Marketing Analytics)
    • MBA Business Analytics & Intelligence (Healthcare Analytics)
  • For Tech experts willing to work in tech, data, artificial intelligence roles, and anyone from management background already want to learn in-depth technology application are encouraged to consider following programs:
    • MSc Big Data & Business Analytics
    • MSc Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
    • MSc Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

Are you aware that the managers able to make tech-based decisions are paid higher on an average? According to the recent survey, data collected from various sources, Data Analytics Lead's average salary is more than US$ 400,000.

Did you know that managers capable of making tech-based decisions command higher salaries on average? Data Analytics Leads, for example, earn an average salary of over US$400,000, as per recent surveys.

Ready to stand out and advance in your career?

Join us at ESDST, your trusted institution that equips you to shine in the ever-expanding technology landscape!


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