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European School of Business & Management SE

European School of Business & Management SE

European School of Business & Management SE


The European School of Business & Management SE is an international school that provides professional education in MBA, DBA, BBA, LLM and MSc programs. The institute builds on the years of experience of prestigious foreign universities and the Oxford teaching system, which has its roots in the British higher education system. Compared to the continental model, the Oxford model of study focuses mainly on the development of the student's logical abilities and skills and their demonstration in real life and practice. Students will learn more study, communication and practical skills that they can use in building their personal and professional career.

A unique aspect of the form of study at ESBM is primarily the content of teaching, which combines modern taught topics with the possibility of compiling a study program from subjects of your choice. Thanks to this, students have the opportunity to compile a teaching program from the offered subjects so that it meets all the requirements for the specialization of study and is in accordance with the professional orientation or personal interests of the student. Abroad, this model of teaching is gaining in popularity, as students can combine teaching according to their own wishes and thus gain knowledge not only from one main field of study, but also from other areas.


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