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Fondazione CUOA

Fondazione CUOA

Fondazione CUOA


CUOA Business School is one of the most important management schools in Italy.

We are an incubator of ideas and relationships, where people and companies can find concrete answers to their needs for professional growth and affirmation.

We are the ideal place where knowing and doing converge. We offer daily occasions for discussion, reflection and real opportunities to acquire personal, professional and organisational knowledge. At CUOA, people and companies can find the right ground on which to create new starting points and to embark on a unique path of growth, immediately usable and able to be put into practice.

We listen and we guide students through a constant monitoring of the scenarios and through careful research on management issues.

Our strength lies in the constant attention to the value of people, to the role of national and international institutions, to the ethical dimension of every economic action, to the importance of merit in economic and social life.


  • CUOA Business School Villa Valmarana Morosini 103, G. Marconi, 36077, Altavilla Vicentina