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Copenhagen, Denmark

21 Months


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Learn. Develop. Lead.

The process of becoming - or staying - a high-performing leader can be complex, requiring growth and development in many areas. At the same time, it's easy to plateau; to reach a point where you have achieved everything you can in your chosen field. So how do you prove to yourself and your colleagues that you are ready for the next step? That you have the ability to take the holistic view that's required to successfully lead the company to a bolder, brighter future? You know you are ready to take on bigger challenges, to spend more time developing and growing rather than focusing on the day-to-day. Now it's time to investigate.

The Executive MBA from CBS will show you the way.

Learn From The Best

Triple accredited (AMBA, EQUIS & AACSB) the CBS EMBA is a personalised programme with a global outlook providing the opportunity to choose the format that works best for you.

Develop A Trusted Support Network

Study alongside high-calibre peers from different industries, different backgrounds, and with different points of view. You will work together to move outside your comfort zones and develop the skills and support group you need for a journey to global success.

Lead Your Teams With Confidence

Building on the foundations of life within the organisation, you will learn to analyze performance, financials, and customer behaviour. And then you will step back and look at the bigger picture, turning the knowledge you have gathered into an executable management strategy.

Set yourself up for success with the CBS Executive MBA.

The Scandinavian Way To Your EMBA

Renowned across the globe for its approach to management, growth, and innovation, Denmark is at the front of the pack when it comes to sustainability and responsible leadership. And you will find these values reflected in everything we do.

We offer flexible options for study, the chance to focus in-depth on a business area of your choice, and the opportunity to learn across three continents alongside experienced business people from across the world.

We offer a truly global approach to your personal and professional development, while still keeping Scandinavian values and sustainability at the core of what we do.

Paths to your EMBA

Study for your EMBA in one go over 21 or 25 months or tackle it in bite-sized chunks with our Executive Certificate path. You will have the flexibility to start in May 2022 or wait until September 2022. We like to give you options – because we know that one size rarely fits all.

A Practical, Flexible Approach

Whether you want to work through the programme as quickly as possible, or you are only ready to commit to one part at a time, our Executive MBA options will fit around you.

A Personalised EMBA

With a commitment of on average four days a month, you can choose between two paths: the Executive MBA in one go; or the stepwise approach through Executive Certificates. You can opt to start in May or September.

You will complete your Executive MBA with the Integrated Strategy Project, testing out your learnings in the context of an operational issue from within your own organisation.

As a supplement to the core subjects, you will be able to personalise your experience by choosing one of four Concentrations, providing you with more in-depth knowledge of an area of your choice.

Take Your EMBA in One Go

Commit yourself to 21 or 25 months of highly developing studies. Choose your start date and study three terms of general management and one term in-depth on a subject of your choice, giving you a holistic view of your organisation and the broad skill set required to take you to the next level.

A Choice of Start Dates

Do you feel like it is never the right time to take the plunge?

We offer a choice of start dates for our EMBA programme. You can begin with a Concentration in May, or opt to join in September with the Term: ‘Understanding the Organisation’.

Executive Certificates: A stepwise approach

If you find the EMBA programme the right mid-career development for you but are not able to commit to two years of consecutive studies upfront, we also offer our outstanding executive education through a certificate path. We offer flexibility so you can choose the right time for you to start. Complete each freestanding term, receive an Executive Certificate and then choose if or when you wish to move on to the next.

Next Starting Date

You can start on your first certificate in May or September. In May, you can opt to enrol in a Concentration of your choice and receive a certificate upon completion. In September, you can opt to join the Executive Certificate in General Management (five months' module). Your certificate can either stand alone or become the springboard to your next certificate.

Flexible Executive Learning

At CBS we offer you a modular option for your Executive MBA. Each Executive Certificate stands alone as a business qualification, meaning you will find value in studying them individually. But work your way through them all and you will receive your EMBA degree alongside your peers. Upon completing the last term, Managing Strategic Execution, you will earn the CBS Executive MBA degree.

A Choice Of Certificates

The available certificates are:

  • Executive Certificate in General Management
  • Executive Certificate in Business Analysis and Leadership
  • Executive Certificate in a Concentration of Your Choice
  • Managing Strategic Execution + Integrated Strategy Project

Your EMBA Experience

With its innovative personalised approach, our EMBA will allow you to develop your knowledge in the areas that will benefit you the most, start on a date that suits you and study at a pace that is just right. The CBS EMBA is about more than just career acceleration. It is about inspiration and collaboration. It is about learning to lead your organisation in a more holistic and sustainable way.

Embrace The Scandinavian Way

CBS is founded in Scandinavian business values, renowned across the globe for their unique influence on management style and culture. CBS offers an inspirational environment for leaders wanting to set themselves up for long-term success by being at the forefront of sustainable business practices and cutting-edge research in this field.

Our businesses deliver creativity, innovation, and growth in a world that is increasingly fast-paced and data-driven. They consider society and its people to be as important as profits. And they seek out diversity and the benefits it brings.

Learn Across Three Continents

Our EMBA is truly global in outlook, with modules taking place in six cities around the world. You will have the opportunity to learn about new cultures, new ways of working, and new perspectives to inspire and inform your evolving leadership style.

Benefit From Small Class Sizes

The CBS EMBA is designed to ensure you benefit from the connections you make and the networks you create. Study alongside executives from a diverse mix of industries and backgrounds in an intimate setting that will allow you to benefit from valuable conversations and the personal attention of experienced staff and mentors.

Put Your Learnings Straight Into Practice

By allowing you to choose cases and exam projects from your own organisation, we enable you to put your newfound knowledge straight into practice. Learn how to stand back and appreciate the bigger picture, lead your teams strategically and create immediate ROI for your employer.

An Exceptional Learning Environment

The learning environment at CBS has been designed to inspire innovation and foster creativity. Here you will find modern open spaces flooded with natural light and panoramic views of the park outside. And it is only a short walk to the world-class facilities of our main campus.

Outstanding Facilities In The Heart Of Copenhagen

The Executive MBA programmes are housed at Råvarebygningen, formerly occupied by Royal Copenhagen Porcelain before being converted into a competition-winning design by Henning Larsen Architects. In fact, each of our buildings has a unique architectural style and atmosphere that makes CBS a very special place.

Supporting Your Studies

At CBS, we provide everything possible to help you succeed in your studies. You will gain access to our unrivalled library resources (our Library is also Denmark's National Library for Business Economics), a dedicated online platform, state-of-the-art facilities, and break-out areas designed to optimise learning and inspire great discussion and presentations.

Holistic Learning Opportunities

As an Executive MBA participant or alumni, you will be given access to exclusive MBA events. These will reflect the diverse themes that can impact your professional career and are intended to help you develop the big picture thinking that is so vital for success.

World-Class Faculty

You will benefit from the varied teaching approach of our own experienced professors and lecturers combined with renowned academics from other leading universities and business schools.

Renowned And Distinguished Professors

Our CBS-based professors are some of the most prominent and distinguished academics in the country, if not the world. Similarly, our external faculty members are chosen not only for their academic expertise but also for their global experience and insight.

Our Teaching Approach

The Executive MBA faculty will take you through our rigorous case study approach and beyond with simulations, debate, experiential learning, discussions with in-field managers, company projects, and international modules.

Their teaching methods are designed to help you maximise the value of your time with us and ensure you develop a broad skill set that will ensure you are ready for that step you would like to take.

Location Copenhagen

Located in the beating heart of the Øresund region, Copenhagen is a buzzing business hub and home to a wide variety of companies offering numerous opportunities. Perhaps better still, Copenhagen is also a delightful place to live – the quality of life is high, green spaces are easily accessible, and a majority of the population use bikes to get around, setting the standards for low-emission living.

Copenhagen Living

A lively and charming city, Copenhagen is regularly voted among the top cities in the world to live and work. And with good reason. Why? Here are the jewels in Copenhagen’s crown:

  • Safety and security: the city has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
  • Green city: Copenhagen is world-renowned for leading the sustainability agenda in transportation, energy, waste management, and other aspects of city development.
  • Biking culture: more than a third of the population commutes by bicycle and there is more than 390km of designated lanes around the city.
  • Efficient public transport: the city’s underground system has been given the prize for best Metro in the world.
  • The World’s Best Restaurants: Copenhagen is home to ten restaurants that have received Michelin awards – great news for the culinary explorer!

Furthermore, Denmark offers some of the most optimal conditions for business, having been voted the easiest place in Europe to do business by the World Bank 2012-2019.

Sustainability in Business

Denmark and Copenhagen are at the forefront when it comes to developing sustainable business practices. That is why there is no better place than CBS for furthering your knowledge within this forward-thinking discipline.

Why Sustainability Matters

We, as a global society, are waking up to the fact that we need to look after our planet and the communities and people around us. And it is not just in our personal lives that we must do our bit. Companies and organisations have a huge part to play in making sure sustainable business is at the top of the agenda, and consumers, investors, and stakeholders are increasingly holding them to account.

An Integral Theme In Our MBA

We believe that the business leaders of tomorrow should uphold and endorse sustainable, responsible, and ethical business values. That is why you will find that corporate sustainability is one of the key themes weaving its way through our programme. Because running your business in a sustainable way is not a fad, it is a long-term strategy and one that should be integrated across all departments. CSR is integral to the success of your business and should never be merely an afterthought.

What You Will Learn

Throughout the course, you will discover how corporate responsibility is pursued as a core strategy from the board level down, how flat organisational structures and leadership gender equality can foster company cultures built on trust and respect, and how public policies support sustainability initiatives from start-ups to mature organisations.

Most importantly, you will master the skills and the strategies to succeed in this critical arena and embrace the future of modern business in a sustainable way.


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