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American Consortium of Universities (INTERLINK)

American Consortium of Universities (INTERLINK)

American Consortium of Universities (INTERLINK)


Since 1980, thousands of students have attended INTERLINK to receive intensive English training and prepare for academic studies and professional development.

Located on campuses of top-ranked U.S. universities, INTERLINK offers its students full access to all facilities and many academic services, including assistance with conditional admission to these institutions. Students can meet American students and professors, audit or take classes for credit, and experience university campus life. Throughout their stay, students receive help from our dedicated faculty and staff with personal, cultural, and academic challenges.


  • Louisville

    INTERLINK Language Centers 890 W. Cherry St. Suite 200 Phone: +1 (303) 278-8337 Email: [email protected], 80027, Louisville

    • Seattle

      Seattle, USA

      • Bozeman

        Bozeman, USA