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65 Global MBA Programs 2023


The business world is increasingly interconnected and international.  Traditional MBA programs prepare students for many variances in potential career paths; however, some MBA students aspire to careers that are defined by their international or global perspective.  This is where Global MBA programs offer an advantage.

Global MBA programs differ depending on where they are offered and how they are designed.  Global MBA may also be called International MBA programs, but the two designators do not always mean the same thing. Generally, Global MBA programs can be broken into three categories: programs that give students the opportunity to study in multiple, international locations; programs that enroll a diverse cohort of international students; and programs that focus their curriculum on international business studies.  Global MBA programs may include only one of these aspects or a combination of all three.

The advantages of a Global MBA depend on the abovementioned aspects.  Programs that are hosted in several locations give students hands-on experience working within an international setting.  They may also include language acquisition elements, or allow students to explore soft-skills like cultural sensitivity or intercultural communication.  Programs that boast an international cohort give students a chance to work and learn in a diverse peer group, while programs with an international business curriculum allow students to specialize their knowledge.

If you would like to pursue an MBA program with an international aspect, a Global MBA program may offer the opportunities and resources that will advance your career.  People who hold Global MBAs often aspire to positions as managers or leaders in multinational firms. Global MBA programs also offer the added benefit of a diverse and international alumni network that can give you access to a wide range of career opportunities.

To find the Global MBA that is right for you, use the list below to search for Global MBA programs around the world.  You can “Read More” about each program and then contact directly the admissions office of the school of your choice by filling in the information form.

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