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Study MBA in Venezuela 2024

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Basic monthly living cost

  • Rent in a shared flat

  • Share of utilities

  • Internet subscription

  • Local transportation


Sample lifestyle cost

  • Fast food combo

  • Cinema ticket

  • Pint of local beer


About Venezuela

About Venezuela

Situated in the northern part of South America, Venezuela is a country featuring an impressive amount of biodiversity. With habitats ranging from the Amazon Basin rainforest to the Andes Mountains, visitors to this area are consistently awestruck by its beauty. As the country boasts widespread access to health care and education for its citizens, it has steadily attracted large immigrant influxes from southern Europe and South America, among other areas. One of the most urbanized Latin American countries, most of Venezuela’s population resides in the northern cities, particularly Caracas, the capital.

Business Studies in Venezuela

Venezuela is home to a number of schools offering business degrees. Venezuelan students receive free education at all levels and can study higher education at polytechnic institutes, university colleges, universities, private university institutes and institutes of technology. Each school offers different degree programs that should be explored carefully in order to find a suitable match. Those studying at the graduate level can receive one of three awards: specialist diploma, master’s degree, and doctorate.

The academic year in Venezuela usually spans the period from September to June or July, but specific schools have different programs that might vary in their start or end times. There are a number of holidays over the course of the year allowing for a break from courses. These include Carnival in February, Labor Day in the spring, and All Saints Day in the fall.

Studying for a business degree in Venezuela is without cost for Venezuelan citizens, but requires a tuition investment for those students coming from abroad. There are several financing options available. Depending on the school and program, enrollees can take advantage of combining multiple avenues in order to pay for their education. These offerings include scholarships, bank loans, personal savings, funding from the company the student is employed at, and more.

To receive a bachelor’s degree in business in Venezuela is to commit to at least four years of education. A master’s degree requires an additional one to two years, depending on the time investment of full or part-time. Flexible scheduling enables students to combine work with study.

International students studying for a business degree in Venezuela will receive a topnotch education. Programs employ strategic objectives in order to maximize the schooling experience and put their graduates in a position to become leaders in the business world. Graduates of the master’s curriculum in particular are well poised to become managers and entrepreneurs who are socially responsible and able to tackle any challenges without hesitation. Institutions are designed with international applications in mind and students finish the curriculum with a solid preparation for the modern business world.

Visa Requirements

For students staying for more than 90 days.

What type of Visa do you need?

Visa name

Student Visa

Price and currency

USD 70

The price of a Venezuelan student visa is around $70 for up to 12 months. The price may be subject to change.

Who can apply for the visa?

Most nationalities can enter Venezuela for up to 90 days without a visa. If your study course is longer than 90 days, you will need to get a student visa.

Where can you make the application?

Venezuelan embassy or consulate

You’ll need to make an application to your local Venezuelan embassy or consulate.


How to make the application?

You will need to apply for a visa at your nearest Venezuelan embassy or consulate after having received a study offer from a higher education institution in Venezuela. You should check the website of the consulate or embassy to confirm what required documents you need to get. However, in general, these are the required documents:

  • Completed visa application form.
  • Valid passport with a minimum of 6 months before its expiration, and its copy.
  • Two photographs.
  • Letter of request from the institution, indicating the financial means available to the student in Venezuela; proof of acceptance or formal registration of the educational institution.
  • Original and copy of bachelor or university degrees.
  • Original and copies of proofs of studies and certified notes, duly apostilled or legalized.
  • Bank letter and bank statements for the last three (3) months. If the applicant does not have their own income, they must submit a letter of support or authenticated economic responsibility. All these documents must be submitted in original and with a stamp.
  • International Certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever, original and photocopy, only in case of traveling to another country before entering Venezuela.
  • Confirmation letter from your health insurance stating coverage.

When should you apply?

It is recommended that non-migrant applicants request their visa no less than three (3) months before the expected travel date. Typically, the process of getting a student visa to Venezuela will take around 20 business days.

The length of the student visa depends on the course length. It is usually given for one year and can be extended.

Processing time

20 Days

Work opportunities

You can work with a student visa in Venezuela.

Hours per week


Why do you need this type of visa?

Your visa application may be rejected if you are not able to show proof of the required funds, or if you provide incorrect or incomplete documents.