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Earning a Business Degree in Singapore

Lauded in 2010 as having a world-leading education system and recommended for commendation by a British education minister, Singapore spends nearly 20 percent of its yearly national budget on primary and tertiary education.

Students can obtain a business degree at any of the several national universities in Singapore offering undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees. Public, private and foreign universities exist as well, with the Chicago Business School and the Technische Universitat Munchen providing business degrees for Singapore and international students. Specialized four-year business degrees include Bachelor of Arts in Administration, Business Management, Enrepreneurship and International Business. Doctorate business degrees allow students to obtain positions at universities as instructors or as research leaders.

Singapore is also famous for its adherence to "meritocracy", an ideology fundamental to their education system that identifies the best students and prepares them for leadership positions. Students exhibiting excellent academic performance records are typically granted admission to special degree programs that forego or reduce tuition fees.

Tuition Fees

Cost of a four-year business degree in Singapore is around may vary from one school to another but many universities offer reduced tuition rates subsidized by the government through a program called the Tuition Grant Scheme and numerous scholarships.

Why Obtain a Business Degree in Singapore?

Because of its superior educational system, subsidized tuition opportunities and rapidly developing economy, Singapore offers exceptional academic and employment opportunities for business degree holders following graduation. In addition, Singapore consistently ranks high on quality-of-life indexes, with the tourism, biotechnology and manufacturing industries supporting its above-average per capita income. With its open economy and powerful presence in industrial and service sectors, Singapore presents diverse employment opportunities for students with business degrees seeking positions that offer much room for advancement.

Business majors can also find positions in fields as varied as healthcare administration, logistics, advertising and social service programs.

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Sample lifestyle cost

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About Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is officially an island-country located in Southeast Asia less than 100 miles north of the Equator. Consisting of one large island (called Pulua Ujong in Malaysian) and over 60 smaller islands, Singapore is a major world commercial center that claims the third-highest per capita income among all world countries. Nearly 75 percent of Singapore's population is Chinese, with Indians, Eurasians and Malays comprising the other 25 percent. Due to Singapore's quick ascent into economic prosperity, it is now identified as a "middle power" country exhibiting substantial influence in global affairs.

Visa Requirements

What type of Visa do you need?

Visa name

Student Pass

Price and currency

SGD 90

A processing fee of S$30 is required for every application submitted to the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or if the application is withdrawn after submission.

A fee of S$60 is payable when the successful applicant completes the formality at the issuance of the Student's Pass at ICA.

The fees are country-dependent and may be subject to change.

Who can apply for the visa?

All international students must have a Student Pass to pursue higher studies in Singapore. To get your Singapore Student Pass, you must first be offered admission for a full-time program in the Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) in Singapore.

You are eligible for a Student Pass only if you have been accepted into a full-time program. If you want to take up part-time courses or evening classes, you will not be eligible for the Student Pass.

Where can you make the application?

Student’s Pass On-Line Application & Registration (SOLAR) system

To apply for the Student Pass, you must submit your application on the official registration system -- Student’s Pass On-Line Application & Registration (SOLAR) system.


How to make the application?

Before submitting an application for Student Pass through SOLAR, the institute where you have been offered admission must register you through the registration system. Once the institute has registered you with SOLAR, you have to submit eForm 16. You must have the following details before logging into your SOLAR account:

  • A registration notification from SOLAR with your login username and password provided by IHL
  • Travel documents and passport details, including passport number and its validity
  • Your personal email address
  • One recent passport-sized color photograph

Once you submit the eForm 16, you then have to take a printout copy of the form to submit to the Student Pass unit - Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). It is one of the important formalities to be completed for issuance of the Singapore Student Pass.

You must assure the immigration department that you will remain in Singapore with a valid Student Pass at all times.

Documents required for Singapore student visa:

  • Your valid passport. You have to submit a copy of particular pages of the passport
  • You must carry the departure/arrival card granted on entry into Singapore. If you have been residing in Singapore on other long-term passes, you have to bring along that pass as well;
  • One recent color passport-sized photograph (taken on white background);
  • The printout of eForm 16 submitted through SOLAR (duly signed by the applicant);
  • If your documents are in the native language, you must get an official English translation of the documents.
  • A copy of the in-principle approval letter; and
  • A medical report in the prescribed format (available on ICA’s website).

When you submit the application, make sure the laboratory reports are not more than three months from the issue date. In case you fail to fulfill the medical requirement, you will not be granted the Student Pass.

When should you apply?

Generally, the Singapore student visa takes about four weeks to process. However, some applications may take longer if the immigration department requires some additional documents or information from you. In such situations, you will be notified through the SOLAR system.

You must submit new applications for Student Pass at least one month before your course starts and not for more than two months.

The processing time is generally between 2 to 4 months for cases in which interviews are required.

Processing time

4 Weeks

Work opportunities

Foreign students who do not work for more than 16 hours per week during their studies are exempted to apply for a work permit. However, it is recommended to check the work opportunities granted by your institution.

International students do not have to apply for a work permit if they want to work in Singapore during their vacations.

Permission to work may also depend on the institution where you are studying.

You can find a list of approved institutions here:

Hours per week


Why do you need this type of visa?

Your visa application may be rejected if you do not follow a full-time course at a recognized educational institution, if you do not have adequate educational credentials, if your forms are not properly filled out or if the supporting documents are not correct.