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Study MBA in Pakistan 2024

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About Pakistan

About Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan sit within the southern portion of Asia to the west of India and the east of Afghanistan. It is the sixth-most populated nation in the world, and is known as a rapidly developing country that is quickly growing into one of the world's largest economies. Pakistan also boasts the 10th largest labor market in the world. It is one of the world's largest producers of natural resources as well. This thriving economy is appealing to some who wish to study business and work in business fields throughout Asia.

Business Studies in Pakistan

To study business in Pakistan, students would need to attend classes in one of the colleges or universities within the country. The Pakistani education system after high school is divided into two levels. Students start in the Degree Colleges, which offer basic degrees similar to the American community college. After graduation from a degree college, students attend a university. The country currently has 132 universities, many of which have excellent business programs. Classes are typically taught in regional languages, English and Urdu.

Students who are earning a bachelor's degree should plan to spend around four or five years studying. For those pursuing a master's degree, such as a MBA, the program requires an additional two years. the academic calendar may vary depending on the university in which a student is studying, but typically the school year is broken down into two semesters, beginning in August and running through January and then beginning again in January and running through April or May. Because Pakistan is an Islamic nation, many universities observe Islamic holidays.

The cost to study in Pakistan varies depending on the school chosen. Some of the top universities in the country charge between $4,000 and $8,000 a year for their education course offerings. While international students are welcome in Pakistani universities, the universities have historically favored male applicants. While this is slowly changing, female applicants may find it harder to get accepted in this particular country. The country of Pakistan is committed to investing into its higher education system, and in recent years the effects of that investment are being seen in the quality of the education.

Upon graduation, students who have earned a business degree in Pakistan will enjoy the benefit of being educated in one of the world's up and coming economies. They will also be well poised to pursue business endeavors in the Asian world.