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Best Universities for MBA Programs in Netherlands 2023

Number of institutions: 109
    • Breda, Netherlands

    Breda University of Applied Sciences is a medium-sized, government-funded higher education institute. More than 7,000 Dutch and international students from some 100 countries are studying at our institute. We offer bachelor’s and master’s programs at professional and academic levels in the domains of Games, Media, Hotel, Facility, Logistics, Built Environment, Tourism, and Leisure & Events.

    • Madrid, Spain
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • + 8 more

    IE University is for students who approach learning as a way of life. We provide a supportive community where students and faculty interact together in the learning process. IE University has a personalized, student-centric community with a rich diversity of individuals, ideas, and approaches. Each year over 130 nationalities are represented on its campus, with over 75% of its students coming from outside of Spain. IE University is recognized around the world and by the most prestigious associations for its high-quality teaching. With an innovative vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and a focus on humanities and academic rigor, IE University is committed to educating professionals who will make a difference in society. Our practice-based approach to learning starts in the classroom and continues all around the world, preparing our students to become international professionals. If you want an inspiring and challenging education that will shape who you are and who you will become, IE University will broaden your horizons, connect you to the world and guide you on the unique path needed to achieve your goals.

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Amsterdam Business School is part of the highly ranked University of Amsterdam and offers several Executive programs in the Business and Finance field. The Executive Master in International Finance is Triple accredited and #2 in the FT ranking of 2021. Located in the heart of Amsterdam!

    • Haarlem, Netherlands

    The in collaboration established institution Haarlem Campus offers students innovative teaching and learning concepts that encourage professional and personal growth. Haarlem Campus has been established by two experienced higher education advocates. A leading network of private universities in Germany, the SRH Group, and a University of Applied Sciences called Global School for Entrepreneurship –fostering an agile, motivating, and innovative culture of learning. Decades of experience in education, research, and knowledge transfer within an entrepreneurial setting have led to optimized academic programs, designed to offer the best possible preparation for the desired field of work.

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Dedicated to cross-cultural education with a global perspective, we help future managers achieve their full potential, with the right program and guidance every step of the way.

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    VU Graduate Winter School is offering a series of one-week online courses from 10 to 14 January 2022. The winter programme is available to Master’s students, PhD candidates, and professionals. Whether you’re an aspiring data analyst with a passion for crunching numbers, a writer in the making, or an amateur philosopher with a hunger for tackling the big questions - we have something for you! There are 19 courses in total, each one covering a single topic in great depth.

    • The Hague, Netherlands
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Horeca is an abbreviation that stands for the hotel (Ho) restaurant (Re) cafe (Ca). The Horeca Academy was founded by the Dutch Horeca Academie. The Horeca Academie offers education and training for and by catering professionals. The Dutch Horeca Academie was founded in 2011. And is specialized in training chefs and catering professionals. In 2018, the Dutch Horeca Academy was the first in the Netherlands to introduce a chef’s training in English. This training is especially for people living in the Netherlands who do not yet have a good enough command of the Dutch language. In this way, everyone can receive a good education and master European cooking techniques.

    • Vlissingen, Netherlands
    • Middelburg, Netherlands

    HZ University of Applied Sciences is located in the South-West of the Netherlands. With a population of some 4,800 national and international students, we are a small university with a personal approach. HZ offers high-quality study programs. Since 2011 - so for the past eleven years - HZ has been in the top three Dutch multidisciplinary universities of applied sciences.

    • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Helsinki, Finland
    • + 4 more

    Our double degree programmes combine excellent technical education with training in innovation and entrepreneurship as well as internships at companies, industry partners and cities across Europe.

    • The Hague, Netherlands

    If you’re looking for a bachelor’s degree programme, then you’ve come to the right place at THUAS. We have over 65 bachelor’s degree programmes which vary in type and length. Most of them are four-year programmes, though some can be shortened to three years of study. A considerable number are taught in English. The variant that best suits you depends on your preferences and previous education. At the end of your journey, you’ll be awarded a university of applied sciences diploma.

    • 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

    The Master Institute is part of the St. Joost School of Fine Art and Design, located in the south of the Netherlands in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Situated in the heart of Europe and European art and design, the institute offers a broad perspective on theory and practice and allows for a lively international exchange. Our modern, 24/7 facilities and open studio concept create a fertile environment in which a rich, multidisciplinary practice can grow.

    • Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has more than 36,000 students and more than 3,500 employees. There are a wide variety of programs to choose from across all educational sectors, with the exception of the agrarian sector. Our education is closely connected to developments in the metropolitan region of Rotterdam.

    • Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Ghent, Belgium
    • + 1 more

    IMARC is the only existing 2-year programme in criminology that focuses on border crossing, security and social justice. The joint programme is offered by three different European universities.

    • Beugen, Netherlands

    Cornerstone Centre for Intercultural Studies is a Bible College for Mission Training, offering students practical and academic training in a mission-oriented setting. Most Cornerstone staff members have in-depth mission experience. At Cornerstone Bible College we train people to communicate the gospel cross-culturally. Besides the general biblical and theology studies, our emphasis is on missiological subjects, intercultural communication and preparation to live and work in another culture. Living in the international and intercultural community of the college is part of the training.

    • Espoo, Finland
    • Delft, Netherlands
    • + 11 more

    EIT RawMaterials Academy offers students a unique opportunity to learn in a dynamic environment, focusing on real-life challenges. Awarded by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), a body of the European Union, the EIT Label is a certificate of quality that is granted only to excellent educational programs at the master and doctoral level.