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Best Universities for MBA Programs in Latvia 2024

Number of institutions: 15
    • Riga, Latvia

    Riga Technical University: the recognized Latvian leader on the global frontier of higher education. Founded in 1862, RTU is the oldest technical university in the Baltic states and has expanded into four faculties with 61 study programs in English that offer world-class education in many high-demand career fields, including computer sciences, mechanical engineering, electronics, and material science.

    • Riga, Latvia
    • Daugavpils, Latvia

    Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU, est. in 1950) is a modern, prestigious university recognised in Europe and the world that provides research-based, high-quality and exportable higher education. We offer mostly medical and healthcare studies, however, the number of RSU study programmes in social sciences is increasing every year. The programmes taught in English are Medicine (MD), Dentistry (DDS), International Business and Start-up Entrepreneurship (Bachelor’s) as well as Master’s programmes in Health Management, International Governance (Diplomacy) and Russia and Eurasia Studies. 10000 students are studying at RSU out of which 2600 are international students. Our students represent 70 different countries (90% of RSU international students are from the EU/EEA countries). RSU has been recognised as the best university with the highest reputation in Latvia.

    • London, United Kingdom
    • Helsinki, Finland
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    EIT Digital Summer School programmes are open for Bachelor and Master students, young professionals, and others who want to deep-dive into emerging digital technologies, learn how to turn technology into business, and eventually launch deep-tech startups. Learn from the faculty and staff of our top tech EU partner universities. Gain hands-on experience through company cases, project work and collaboration. Competitively priced tuition. Have fun meeting and networking with like-minded students from around the world!

    • Riga, Latvia

    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Liepāja, Latvia

    Choose to study in Liepaja University - it is the key to your development!

    • Espoo, Finland
    • Bordeaux, France
    • + 4 more

    EIT RawMaterials Academy - AMIS offers students a unique opportunity to learn in a dynamic environment, focusing on real-life challenges. Awarded by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), a body of the European Union, the EIT Label is a certificate of quality that is granted only to excellent educational programs at the master and doctoral level.

    • Riga, Latvia

    The University of Latvia has been founded in 1919 and currently, with its more than 15 000 students, 13 faculties and over 20 research institutes and independent study centers, is one of the largest comprehensive and leading research universities in the Baltics. The University offers more than 130 state-accredited academic and professional study programs.

    • Riga, Latvia

    The EKA is located in Riga, Lomonosova Str. 1, building 5 – the street is named after the great scientist whose activity combined creative, academic, and professional traditions. The building where the EKA is located today was built in 1909. Now the building is fully renovated, and its technical equipment fully conforms to standards of higher education institutions of Europe.

    • Riga, Latvia

    Turiba University is the largest private University in the Baltics, specializing in Business and Tourism education. The university offers education in Business, Tourism, Communication, Logistics, and IT fields. Turiba has received recognition from employers and is ranked among the most recognized universities. 99.61% of graduates are employed—it is the highest employment rate among Latvian universities; furthermore, more than 80% of university students are working during their studies.

    • Riga, Latvia

    The Latvian State Institute of Physical Culture (LVFKI) started its activity on January 1, 1946 by LSSR People's Commissars Council decision.

    • Jelgava, Latvia

    Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies is a higher education and science establishment of the Republic of Latvia, where scientific research as well as academic and professional study programmes are carried out.

    • Ventspils, Latvia

    Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (VUAS) was founded in 1997 as a self-governing state university and scientific institution. Its basic activity is to carry out scientific research and to implement academic and professional study programs.

    • Riga, Latvia

    The mission of SSE Riga is to provide state-of-the-art education in economics and business that contributes to the economic and social development of the region, in particular the Baltic countries.

    • Rēzekne, Latvia

    Rezekne University of Applied Sciences (R?zeknes Tehnolo?iju Akad?mija)</strong> is a one of most fast growing universities in Latvia. Higher education in Rezekne, one of regional cities in Latvia, rooted since 1925. For almost 100 years, Rezekne University of Applied Sciences was Alma mater for many successful leaders. Each student at Rezekne University of Applied Sciences are met as an individual. All students receive personal guidance and professors are easily approachable. Every year around 400 students enroll and in total more than 2000 students study in on our campus. The size of the university gives opportunity for close interaction between students and personnel on all stages of studies. Numerous international partners and the exchange program students make a multicultural environment in university. More than 200 Erasmus students and academics participated in exchange every year. At Rezekne University of Applied Sciences you build networks that last a life time.

    • Riga, Latvia

    TSI is a modern dynamic technical university of applied sciences, located in Riga, Latvia, providing high quality education in Latvian and English with focus on applied research. Latvia is situated in north-eastern Europe with a coastline along the Baltic Sea, with capital city Riga, one of European metropolises with active social life, stunning architecture, green parks and friendly people. TSI creates a vibrant educational environment with highly valued lecturers from all around the world. TSI is a community of passionate, carrying and dedicated individuals who provide individual approach to students with purpose of creating long-lasting relationships. TSI creates a vibrant educational environment with highly valued lectures from all around the world.