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Study MBA in India 2024

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Basic monthly living cost

  • Rent in a shared flat

  • Share of utilities

  • Internet subscription

  • Local transportation


Sample lifestyle cost

  • Fast food combo

  • Cinema ticket

  • Pint of local beer


About India

Located in South Asia, the Republic of India is the seventh largest country in the world (by land area) and the only second to China in population, with nearly 1.3 billion people. India's border countries include China, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Burma. The Indian Ocean lies to its south and the Arabian Sea lies to the southwest.

Business Schools in India

Since India was under British rule for many years, its educational system resembles the structure of UK higher education systems. In addition to traditional colleges and universities, India also offers specialized business and management colleges and numerous distance education universities that provide courses culminating in a business degree. The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a popular degree field among Indian students and requires the student earn a Bachelor of Arts (four-year degree) in Business before entering graduate school.

Business Degrees Awarded in India

Business-related degrees offered by India's educational system include Master of Human Resource Management, Master of Commerce, Master of Marketing Management and a Postgraduate Degree in Business Administration. All take about two years to complete, following completion of a BA or BS.

Specialized business degrees provided by government and private Indian universities include MBA in Banking, MBA in European Business, MBA in Technology Management and an MBA in International Relations.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for one year of study may vary between Indian government university and private universities . India is considered one of the more affordable countries to earn your business degree.

Why Earn an Indian Business Degree?

India is currently experiencing a booming economy that needs the expertise of business degree holders to manage emerging national and international companies. The implementation of economic liberalization methods, coupled with deregulation and privatization of government-owned enterprises has served to accelerate India's growth for the past 20 years. Consequently, the demand for people with MBAs continues to attract students seeking a viable degree and long-term employment.