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Best Universities for MBA Programs in Iceland 2023

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    • Reykjavík, Iceland

    Technical Col­lege Reykjavik was founded in 2008, but its history goes back to the 19th century. Technical Col­lege Reykjavík cons­ists of 8 schools and the Technical Aca­demy, offering around 50 study programmes and 800 courses each semester. Each school has its own hea­dma­ster as well as educati­onal independence.

    • Hvanneyri, Iceland

    The Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) was founded on 1 January 2005. It is an educational and research institution in the field of agriculture and environmental sciences. The main focus is on the conservation and sustainable use of land and animal resources, including traditional agriculture, horticulture and forestry, environmental planning, restoration sciences, rural development and sustainable development.

    • Brattleboro, USA
    • Washington, DC, USA
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    SIT Graduate Institute offers internationally focused master's degrees, certificates, and professional development programs in the fields of conflict transformation, international education, sustainable development, and TESOL. Since 1964, SIT has been preparing professionals to be successful in intercultural and international environments.

    • Isafjordur, Iceland

    The University Center of the Westfjords is a non-profit organization established in March 2005. It has 40 founding members, including all of the country's institutions of higher education. The Center began operations in Vestrahús in Ísafjörður in January 2006. The same building houses offices of the Marine Research Institute, the Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories, and the Icelandic Snow Avalanche Research Center, among others. The Westfjords Regional Development Center is also located here, and all of the organizations represented in the building share common reception facilities.

    • Borgarnes, Iceland

    Bifröst University was founded in Reykjavík Iceland in 1918 on the model of Ruskin College, Oxford, under the name Samvinnuskólinn or the Cooperative College. From the start, its role was to educate leaders for business and society at large.

    • Reykjavík, Iceland

    Our mission is to train experts in the field of clean energy to help build a sustainable world.