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Earning a Business Degree in Hong Kong

Hong Kong recently introduced a new academic structure that lengthened the time it takes to receive a Bachelor's degree from three years to four years and made additional changes to more align the system with American and European higher education systems.

Students can earn a business degree at one of 18 post-secondary institutions operating in Hong Kong. Various academic accreditation organizations have also asserted that students will find some of the best business management degree programs available at HK universities.

Examples of Bachelor's and Master's degrees students can earn at a Hong Kong university include Global Business, Asian Business, Qualitative Finance and Financial/Actuarial Analysis. Doctorate business degree programs are also offered by most HK universities to students wishing to work as professors or research-level administrators.

Tuition Fees

Tuition costs for attending a Hong Kong university may vary from one institution to another. Several universities offer scholarships for international students according to financial need and academic standing. Additionally, students should explore a variety of government grants and graduate student loans provided by Hong Kong's higher education department.

Why Earn a Business Degree in Hong Kong?

International students are flocking to Hong Kong not only to earn distinguished degrees that are favorable to obtaining employment but also because they are given the opportunity to learn Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese while taking classes that are mostly taught in English. Moreover, the Hong Kong Labor Department offers free assistance to job seekers and employers through their Job Vacancy Processing Center as well as a dozen job centers scattered throughout Hong Kong.

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Basic monthly living cost

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About Hong Kong

Surrounded by the South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong is politically a "Special Administrative Region" under the supervision of the People's Republic of China. Home to over 7.5 million people, Hong Kong is also one of the most heavily populated regions in the world, with nearly 95 percent of its residents ethnic Chinese. The majority of Hong Kong residents speak Cantonese.

Hong Kong is third among world financial centers and presents a capitalist service economy heavily supported by free trade and low taxation. Consistently ranked high as a place offering economic freedom, excellent quality of life and governmental transparency unmarred by corruption, Hong Kong is also an Asian Tiger famous for its influential Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the seventh largest stock exchange in the world.