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Study MBA in Egypt 2024

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Basic monthly living cost

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About Egypt

From its history to the unique lifestyle that people live here, Egypt is a treasure for many reasons. It is not surprising then, that many students wish to travel to the country to study. Located in the southwest corner of Asia and the northeast corner of Africa, the country is home to more than 88 million people. It is the most populous of all countries in the area. There are many things Egypt is known for, from its ancient cultures and history to its museums, festivals, cuisine, and love of sports. For students looking for a place to study business, Egypt offers numerous opportunities.

Business Studies in Egypt

Egypt's Ministry of Higher Education outlines various rules and requirements for foreign students enrolling in higher education options in the country. There are many opportunities and the quality of education here is good. Education has become more prominent and in demand in this country over the last few years. The country has 23 public universities as well as 19 private universities, and 81 institution of higher education, which are mostly focused on professional education to prep students for the workforce in various disciplines.

Business studies in Egypt are available at various levels including the equivalent of a bachelor's degree or a master's degree. The academic year begins in early September and runs until the middle of December. A second semester runs from January through May. There are various breaks throughout the educational year for religious (both Muslin and Christian) holidays. International students are required to have a comprehensive health insurance plan from their home country before enrolling in Egypt schools. If none is available, a fee is paid on a monthly basis for health costs.

There are many programs of study available in the business area in Egypt. This includes undergraduate educational programs in management, administration, entrepreneurship, tourism-based, and finance-based business courses, and human resources. Costs for private schools tend to be about $1000 per credit hour each semester. Master's degree programs tend to be more expensive and take about one to three years to complete after the three or four years to obtain a bachelor's degree.

Once a student obtains his or her bachelor's degree or master's degree from a university in Egypt, the student may be able to find work in the country. Work permits are necessary, but unemployment in many areas is high and limitations on international workers is sometimes present. Nevertheless, a student with a degree and a good command of the language may find employment in the country's business or financial sector.