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Study MBA in Dominica 2024

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A noted and beloved tourist destination, the Dominican Republic is also a strong business hub. Not only does its tropical weather and beautiful people draw in vacationers from all over the world, its sugar, coffee and tobacco resources also make it a strong exporting site that draws business from other companies. The available silver and gold mining also contribute to the growing economy. Considering these factors, the Dominican Republic is a great area to study business.

Study Business in Dominican Republic

The college, or tertiary, options are broken down into public and private schools. The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo is the most well-known public school option and offers several regional university centers for students to matriculate in. These public institutions are free to attend and most students obtain their bachelor’s degree through these programs. On the other hand, attending a private institution comes with a price. There are options to obtain bachelor and master degrees, and there are a few doctorate offerings that are spreading throughout the area. For the convenience of the students, there are also options to study on campus or online.

With the different study options available, the semester lengths and times vary as well. However, they still somewhat follow the semester lengths that are held in the US. The fall semester begins in August and ends in December, while the spring semester is from January to May. The summer semester is condensed, starting at the beginning of June and ending mid-July.

If you choose to attend a public school your costs will be significantly less than attending a private school. Even so, there is no one set cost to study business in Dominican Republic. Especially with private institutions, the schools offer their own business program track, and as such the price can vary depending upon specific factors for the program, such as if you study on campus or online. However, either way room, board, books and other necessities must be factored into the cost.

The length of time that it takes to complete a degree is dependent upon the degree that you are seeking. Bachelor degrees are consistent with the traditional three to four year track, and master degrees take two years on average. The available doctorate programs require four years of study.

The Dominican Republic is a strong trade hub. As such, there are many practical domestic and international business applications that you can witness on a regular basis. This would allow you to not only gain the knowledge in the classroom, but to also be able to experience the various business aspects first hand. Therefore, studying business in the Dominican Republic offers a truly unique experience.

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About Dominica

As one of the beautiful Caribbean Islands, Dominica is continually growing, and as such it is an excellent location to pursue a business degree. Over the years it has grown as a hub for tourism, however its economy has long since been driven by agriculture. There are also plans in place to enhance the exportation in the area, as well as develop a new financial industry. With so much going on, it is easy to see how you would get the full experience by pursuing a business degree in Dominica.

Study Business in Dominica

If you are looking to study business in Dominica, it is important to be fully aware of their unique post-secondary system. The schools are broken down into three different categories: state, private and external. State schools, such as the Dominica State College, are publicly funded institutions that offer Associate degrees, certificates and A-level courses to prepare students for advanced studies. External colleges can be thought of as additional campus locations outside of a school’s main campus. Students complete some entry-level courses at the external schools and are then able to transfer to other schools, both in the area and abroad. Similar to other private institutions, these private schools are targeted toward certain individuals. For instance, Ross University is a school in Dominica that caters to American students.

There are two types of academic years. There is the traditional option that consists of two semesters. The other choice is a “study year,” with each year lasting 18 to 24 months. The type of year that you would complete depends upon the degree program that you choose.

Not only will the degree program affect the cost that you will spend on your schooling, but it will also help to determine the timeframe. An associate’s business program consists of the traditional two years, while a bachelor’s program is comprised of two “study years.”

There is not a set cost for all business degree programs in Dominica. Depending upon whether you are pursuing a certificate or an actual degree, your price will vary. Also, there are other added expenses that weigh upon your program.

There are a few different benefits of earning a degree in Dominica. One of the main benefits is its versatility. The college degree programs are designed to help graduates to thrive, whether they are locals or international students. As such, students are taught international concepts, as well as provided an education that can be transferred to other institutions. The beauty of the tropical region also adds to the unique experience.