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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Study MBA in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2024

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About Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located on the Balkan Peninsula near Croatia, and Serbia in Southeastern Europe. The country is home to 3.8 million people. Perhaps more developed than many of the countries it is close to, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a rich culture. It is the region's center for science, literature, and art. It has a strong sports and leisure activities lifestyle, but it also has rich music and architecture as well. The country has a long history, which is one of the reasons tourism is a big industry here. For those who wish to learn more about the country or to expand their knowledge, Bosnia and Herzegovina business studies can be one of the best ways to do so.

Business Studies In Bosnia and Herzegovina

International students are welcome in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country has a strong higher education presence that dates back to 1531. Students who wish to attend college here will find a wide range of school options to consider. There are a total of eight larger universities here. These include the universities of Tuzla, Sarajevo, Bihac, Zenica, and Mostar.

Students who enroll in business studies here will first work towards earning an undergraduate degree, which is a bachelor's degree. This can take between three and four years to complete. Post graduate programs in business studies are available as a next step. Business students will earn a master's degree by focusing their education on a specific area, such as business administration, management, entrepreneurship, or finance. Various other specializations are available as well. It is possible to further education beyond this to earn a doctorate degree. These can take up to an additional three years.

The academic school year in Bosnia and Herzegovina begins in September and runs through June. Generally, there are two semesters of education. All students must have a visa to attend school here, which is done with the help of the school the student applies to. Many courses are available in English, but students may have to test into universities based on their educational skills. This is very important for students who are enrolled in more advanced programs.

With a degree in business studies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, students will likely be qualified to work within the country's business sector. Many people open new businesses or can lead companies. However, it is also possible to take these degrees to other countries. Since the school system is recognized as a quality one, these degrees are recognized throughout the world. Many people remain in the country to begin or run a business.