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Study MBA in Belarus 2024

Study in Belarus

The Republic of Belarus in Eastern Europe borders Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. This heavily forested nation thrives on service industries and manufacturing, with much of the economy being state-controlled. Seventy percent of the population lives in urban areas. After being redeveloped in the aftermath of World War II, it became one of the founding members of the United Nations. An elected president as well as a bicameral National Assembly govern this presidential republic. A former member of the Soviet Union, Belarus continues to have close ties to Russia, as well as to Syria and China.

Following secondary school, students may choose to continue their education at either a vocational institution or a public or private university. While vocational institutions specialize in training skilled workers for technical professions, accredited universities offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, science, medicine and other disciplines. Students may study business in Belarus in one of its 48 universities, the majority of which are in the capital city of Minsk or in in the southeastern city of Brest, along the Polish border.

The academic year is divided into two semesters. The first begins in September and runs through the third week in January. Following one week of winter break, the second semester begins in February and ends on the first of July. The summer break is two months long, with additional days off throughout the year for holidays and exam preparation.

The cost of higher education in Belarus is quite modest, as are the living expenses. The government pays for public education for its citizens from primary school through post-graduate programs, although international students must pay their own way. However, various grants and scholarships are available to both Belarusian and international students. Textbooks are included in the tuition, and the cost of living is very inexpensive.

Most undergraduate courses require four years to complete and students may study full time, in the evenings or via a correspondence course. A Master or Specialist Diploma requires an additional one to two years of study, while a PhD can require three or more years to complete.

Many international students choose to study business in Belarus due to the affordability and high quality of its higher education institutions. While many courses are conducted in English, most universities offer Russian and Belarusian language programs for foreign students who may require them to complete their coursework and to make their stay in Belarus more enjoyable. An increasing number of programs have international accreditation, and many Belarusian universities maintain partnerships with educational and research institutions around the globe.

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About Belarus

Located in Eastern Europe, Belarus is bordered by Russia, the Ukraine, and Poland. It is home to about 9.4 million people, many of whom live in urban areas. There are various religious and cultural groups located here. The country is known for its arts and literature, with numerous artists and musicians coming from the area. It is also a country that enjoys sports including ice hockey and soccer. The country has a growing economy and telecommunications industry. It's also known for its unique foods. The country has a long history of inhabitants, making it a desirable location for those who wish to study history.

Business Studies in Belarus

For students who want to attention any of the higher education schools in Belarus, the good news is there are numerous opportunities for international students. There are more than 6000 international students attending universities in the country each year. Not everyone in the country attends college here. However, those that do, and earn their bachelor's degree will find that the country offers a variety of career options.

There are about 48 colleges and universities in the country, many of them headquartered or located in Minsk or Brest. The largest schools here include Belarus State University located in Minsk, Minsk Institution for Management, Brest State University located in Brest, and Belarusian State Economic University.

In terms of cost, all students pay for education in Belarus. Generally, though, costs are much lower than in other countries. Annual tuition is about $2,000 to $3000 each year, plus the cost of books and living on campus. Students will find most courses are taught in English, which makes it an ideal choice for those who want to study internationally but who do not have a strong secondary language to rely on.

The school here begins at the start of September and generally runs through January for the initial semester. A second semester begins in February and will last until July 1. A third semester is sometimes available in July and August, though many students are on holiday during this time.

For those who wish to obtain their business degree in Belarus, numerous options exist. Students will find management, international studies, finance, and economics to be key areas of study especially for those who wish to obtain their Master's degree in business studies here. All international students will need visas to attend school here.

After graduation, international studies can often find employment in Belarus in the various large companies with a business degree especially in Minsk. However, other options exist as well including in other European countries.