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Study MBA in Aruba 2024

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Basic monthly living cost

  • Rent in a shared flat

  • Share of utilities

  • Internet subscription

  • Local transportation


Sample lifestyle cost

  • Fast food combo

  • Cinema ticket

  • Pint of local beer


About Aruba

Aruba is a beautiful small island located in the Caribbean Sea north of Venezuela. The climate is tropical marine, and there is little seasonal variation in temperature. It has a few hills, but it is mainly flat with scant vegetation. The economy relies on tourism, hospitality, and business and financial services. Aruba was controlled by the Spanish, then the Dutch followed by the English, then back to Dutch control. Until 1986, Aruba was part of the Netherlands Antilles. It then became an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The educational system is run by the Aruban Ministry of Education. They maintain high standards set by educational institutions in the Netherlands, where many Arubans make the choice to attend universities and colleges. In the 74.5 square mile island, there are two universities and a community college. Aruba's education labor department is designed for enhanced education to meet modern technology challenges and strive for excellence in education. Both local and international students enjoy the universities which utilize cutting-edge technology.

Aruban educational policies focus on making adult education more accessible to allow more successful participation in the global economy. The Aruban government subsidizes two higher education institutions. One of these is basically for teacher training. There are also several private institutions that international and Aruban students can attend to further their education. Most schools run from August through June, so be sure to check into their offerings well in advance of the beginning of the school year.

The universities in Aruba offer personal courses in higher education for those students who wish to continue on after their secondary education or vocational training. The length of time required to complete a degree depends on the degree and whether the student attends full or part-time.

The government of Aruba provides limited financial support or loans to enable students to continue their education. The cost of any degree will widely vary depending upon which school is attended and the program of study selected. If a student wishes to work while attending school, a permit must be obtained from the government and the educational institution must supply a recommendation.

If you wish to study business in Aruba, you will find that many students share your excitement to study in such a beautiful environment. The unique culture offers many opportunities outside of the classroom that you won’t want to miss out on. While you study business you can also enjoy an unrivaled cultural experience on this beautiful island that you will never forget. There are also opportunities for employment if you decide you want to stay in the country after you receive your degree.