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Boost Your Career – All The Way to New Zealand!

It is rare to find a country where low unemployment, generally Covid-free status and a welcoming Government all come together to offer mid-career professionals a superb boost into general management and leadership. New Zealand (NZ), a first world country in the South Pacific, offers a transparent pathway to residence for skilled managers from overseas -- and in a country where over 90% of businesses have fewer than 25 staff, it is general management roles employers in NZ prefer.

Sep 17, 2021
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Boost Your Career – All The Way to New Zealand!

The smoothest pathway into New Zealand, either for a few years of work experience before you return back home with a true global experience, or to remain in this Commonwealth country with superb lifestyle opportunities for any family, is to study a One-Year MBA at Massey University. This is the only One-Year MBA offered in the country, with specializations (Sustainable Business or Global Trade) and local work experience, all arranged by the University in sectors where you wish to gain practical experience and credibility.

After just one year of study, the country offers a three-year post-study work visa, which is an open work visa for any employment anywhere in the country. During this time you should easily achieve a ‘skilled’ employment, which then leads directly to a point-based residence application. It is unique in the world to be given such a long time to find a ‘right’ job. Studies in NZ, prior work experience, and local skilled employment easily positions you above the point level required to qualify for residence. For those wishing to return home, New Zealand offers an extraordinary expatriate lifestyle for the year of study or several years of work afterwards -- preparing you for a superb career progression back home.

Massey University operates the longest-running MBA program in the country, at its modern campus in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand with superb job opportunities in all sectors. New Zealand has a large population of foreigners who mix and mingle easily, and multi-culturalism in the workplace is the norm, not the exception. A country that imports pretty much everything manufactured and exports nearly all of its food is positioned well as a global trade partner -- and New Zealand needs skilled migrants. Once you have your residency, healthcare is free, prescription medicines are subsided, schooling is state-run, free and of exceptional global recognition, and you are never far from an uncrowded, pristine beach…

Aerial view on a river mouth with residential suburb on the shore and ocean with small islands on the background. Auckland, New Zealand

This newly created One-Year MBA at Massey is taught on three weekday afternoons/evenings, so that students have opportunities to work the permissible 20 hours a week in local firms. This builds networks, reputation and opportunities for a future careers in New Zealand. The teaching staff includes many professors with long global corporate leadership experience, and the program is more like ‘going to work’ than ‘going back to university’. For admission, you need an undergraduate qualification in any discipline, at least three years of work experience and an IELTS score of 6.5. Students study with a small group of emerging managers and leaders.

At just over US$32,000 tuition this MBA has been priced to be accessible and affordable while offering a high-quality qualification from a business school ranked in the top 2% in the world. There are no examinations in this program, all assessments are practical, for example, consulting reports and work engagements, and the Massey MBA is AACSB/AMBA-accredited with the university overall in the top 300 of all universities worldwide. In many courses guest presenters join in, usually senior managers, CEOs, board directors and chairs of significant companies in different industries.

While the New Zealand borders are closed for COVID at time of writing, this One-Year MBA program operates in a Step-In mode, where up to four courses are delivered online, with significant interaction between lecturers and students -- and conveniently scheduled so everyone can continue working full-time from their countries. After these initial four courses, the face-to-face delivery of the remaining six courses begins after borders have opened, and the One-Year MBA students then compete for management and leadership jobs well before all the other students who waited until borders opened have completed their studies.

What's more, this practical MBA at Massey can also be studied completely online, for people for whom flexibility and convenience are more important than studying and living in New Zealand. Taken online, the same courses are studied, one every seven weeks, and small, one-hour interactive classes are scheduled twice a week, conveniently on evening or weekends so your full-time work is not interrupted.

Massey is hosting two international information sessions for those interested in learning more about the One-Year MBA, on Saturday 2 October and Wednesday 6 October. The sessions will provide an insight into Massey's flexible MBA journey, to qualify graduates for leadership and management roles, in New Zealand or overseas. Sign up here.

There is no more convenient and practical MBA for you study than the One-Year or Fully Online MBA at Massey University in New Zealand.

Article written in association with Massey University.

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