Written by Alyssa Walker

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study in a quintessential European city, with rich history, boasting a multi-faceted culture, affordable lifestyle, and some of the best music, art, and food, not to mention world-class universities? Look no further than Spain. You’ll have it all, and then some. Here are four reasons why studying in Spain is a great idea.

1. It’s a melting pot of different styles

Spain offers an amazing variety of styles. Its history alone is shaped by pre-Roman civilizations such as the Celts and Iberians. The Visigoths established Spain after the Romans, but also maintained its Muslim influence.

You can see this clearly in the mix of European and Arabic influences in the country’s architecture and hear it in the Catalan dialect and the distinctive music.

Check out the Mosque of Cordoba in the South, Granada’s Alhambra or Seville’s Giralda.

2. Arts, culture, language, and food

Spain is the home of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Francisco Goya, Joan Miró, Antoni Gaudí and many other world-renowned artists – and you can savor their influence today in buildings, parks, and museums today.

The Spanish language is one of the most beautiful on the planet. Depending on where you study in the country, you’ll hear Catalan, traditional Spanish, and Castilian Spanish. All of it goes back to its Romance beginnings.

Love music? You’ll love the music of Spain, with its traditional flamenco and classical guitar. There’s Spanish opera everywhere. And, peculiarly, in northwest Spain bagpipes are quite popular, as there is a large Celtic influence.

As far as food goes, it’s hard to beat Spanish cuisine. Spain is probably most famous for its tapas, tiny explosions of gourmet exploration. Then there’s the gazpacho…the paella…the pisto… the pulpo… we could go on…

3. Ski in winter, beach in summer!

If you love the outdoors, Spain is a great choice for any student.

While Spain’s climate is largely temperate, there are three main climate zones. The largest is that Mediterranean climate, generally hot and dry in the summer and mild and rainy in the winter.

With its thousand miles of Mediterranean coastline, you are certain to find a beach you’ll enjoy. Some, like Palma, boast a gorgeous Old Town, while others have more of that white-sand resort feel. Spend your time in Spain checking out all of it and learning how to surf or sail while you’re at it.

As for skiing? Those who favor the Alps over the Pyrenees don’t know what they’re missing, with skiing that rivals or even betters the Alps – at a typically lower cost. With larger resorts to smaller ski towns, the Pyrenees are sure to please. There’s also the Sierra Nevadas in the southern part of the country, too!

4. Affordable

For all that Spain has to offer -- rich culture, amazing climate, tons to do, metropolitan cities and Mediterranean countryside – it’s affordable, too!

Smaller cities are often very affordable, and even the major, metropolitan cities of Madrid and Barcelona are still some of the most affordable places in western Europe.

International Living reports that outside of mortgage or rent, a couple could live on $20,000-$22,000 per year and still enjoy all the country has to offer.

While as a student you will probably spend the most on housing, food costs are relatively low as Spain can produce much of its own food. Having a car is optional, too, as there are extensive public transportation systems.

Here’s the really good news: educational options are great -- and affordable, too…

One place to do it all

EAE Business School, with campuses in Madrid and Barcelona, offers one of the world’s finest business programs.

In 2018, Bloomberg Businessweek rated it as one of the best 32 business schools outside the US to earn an MBA.

EAE’s International MBA (IMBA), International MBA (IMBA) - Barcelona - New York, and International MBA (IMBA) Madrid - Shanghai offer students the chance to take a deep dive into business management and administration. And, with the former two courses, at the end of their study time students have a two-week residential option at Pace University in New York. Meanwhile, the latter two programs offer students the option of studying a semester abroad at Pace University - Lubin School of Business New York, which allows students to gain an insight into the meaning of business success, in America and across the globe. 

Graduates of the programs have the benefit of starting their careers with international professional development opportunities, employment workshops, interviews with top headhunters, and access to international business consultants from around the world.

Alumnus Konstantina Antonopoulou says, “Studying the IMBA at EAE was a great experience. The curriculum includes everything you would expect from an International MBA and the one-year length is great for someone that has already started their career and [does] not wish for a big gap. The multicultural environment of the class [and] also of Barcelona is a very good complement to this transformational experience.”

So what are you waiting for? One of the best business schools in the world, in a country which offers everything, is waiting for your application

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Alyssa Walker is a freelance writer, educator, and nonprofit consultant. She lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her family.
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