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Program Description

Yale MBA for Executives:
Leadership in Healthcare

The Program

The Yale MBA for Executives: Leadership in Healthcare Program is an intensive, 22-month Executive MBA program leading to a Yale MBA degree. Designed specifically for current professionals who aspire to lead change in the healthcare industry, this MBA program teaches students the leadership and business skills necessary to address the most pressing issues at the forefront of an ever-evolving healthcare industry.

The executive format program enables working professionals to earn a Yale MBA while continuing to advance their careers in their respective fields. Our students come from diverse professional backgrounds and the environment fosters collaboration to broaden perspectives and enables a better appreciation of the unique challenges facing healthcare. As a result, our students are more confident in making the critical decisions that are required for change.

Key elements of the program:

  • Yale School of Management’s innovative, integrated core curriculum
  • MBA curriculum with a specialized focus on the business of health
  • Access to world-class resources at Yale University
  • Small class sizes and intimate cohort communities of professionals with demonstrated leadership at the intersection of business and society
  • Extensive Alumni network of global healthcare and business leaders
  • Executive education format to facilitate continuing full-time employment
  • Yale MBA Degree

The rigorous coursework is put in its real-world context by the Colloquium in Healthcare Leadership and given practical application by the Field Studies Program. The Colloquia series brings eminent practitioners from all aspects of healthcare to campus to meet with students in a small-group setting and talk about their perspectives on current issues in healthcare, their organizations, their work, and their careers. Field Studies is a year-long, project-based program that integrates the knowledge and skills gained from coursework and colloquia in an active healthcare setting.

Classes are scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays every other week, with intensive in-residence periods of two weeks in the first summer and one week in the second. On this schedule, students are able to complete the requirements of the Yale MBA in twenty-two months. Graduation is concurrent with the full-time MBA class.

Who Chooses the Yale Leadership in Healthcare MBA

The MBA for Executives curriculum and educational design reflect our commitment to educating leaders about roles that are both integrative and strategic, and in which they will be instrumental in setting the direction for their organizations. We also put a high priority on bringing together students whose professional diversity allows them to learn from one another at the same time they’re learning from their professors. That means professionals from all types of healthcare organizations – and even from organizations outside health care that serve healthcare customers or clients – find the Leadership in Healthcare MBA an invaluable asset as they pursue their personal and professional goals.

Why You Should Consider the Yale MBA for Executives


Through Yale's innovative integrated MBA curriculum, you'll learn fundamental business skills in a rich context. Advanced courses with Yale faculty will give you a deep understanding of the biggest issues facing the healthcare industry.


The schedule allows you to receive a rigorous professional education without interrupting your career or uprooting your life. Our online work environments allow you to meet with project teams and professors even when you’re not on campus. And our classes end on a schedule that allows you to graduate with the rest of the University.


Your classmates and professors will become a life-long professional support network; Leadership in Healthcare alums from other years will extend that network; and you will be a member of a Yale Healthcare Leadership community that includes graduates of Yale College, Yale School of Medicine, Yale School of Public Health, Yale School of Nursing, and Yale’s advanced sciences programs, as well as graduates of the School of Management’s full time program, all of whom can be found in key positions in every corner of the healthcare sector.

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About the School

The Yale SOM mission to educate leaders for business and society is put into practice every day by our graduates, who embody our vision for them as inspiring, broadly engaged, values-based leaders who ... Read More

The Yale SOM mission to educate leaders for business and society is put into practice every day by our graduates, who embody our vision for them as inspiring, broadly engaged, values-based leaders who own and solve hard problems that matter. The Yale Management integrated curriculum is designed to foster and develop the distinctive qualities that have made Yale SOM graduates leaders in so many fields. Leading and Managing Boundaries. With foundations in the multisectoral heritage of the school, the concepts of broad engagement and broader perspective are now captured in the multidisciplinary delivery of our integrated curriculum, as well as in the path-breaking required international components of our MBA program. It is also embodied in the careers of many of our graduates, who are known for a high level of collaboration; and who work in, run, and create organizations that are responsive to the global organizational realities of the modern world. Transforming Positive Values into Personal, Professional, and Institutional Commitments. At SOM today, through our Leadership Development Program and other curricular and co-curricular activities, we encourage our students to think deeply about their personal values and what those values imply for their future personal and professional choices and actions. In addition, in our core curriculum, because courses are organized not around academic disciplines but around organizational constituencies, we are able to focus deliberation on ethical considerations in ways that a traditional MBA cannot. But this commitment to values is not a by-product of our new curriculum: it is a fundamental characteristic of the Yale School of Management since its founding. As a result, Yale SOM graduates are known for their integrity and their accountability, not only in their actions but also in the organizations they create, whose objectives are both to create value and to add value to society. Bringing Creativity and Discipline to Complex Management Problems. By de-emphasizing the rote application of frameworks and formulae that is inherent in a discipline-based curriculum, our integrated curriculum presents students with management problems that aren’t “prepackaged” for easy analysis, thus stimulating creativity in their approach to problem-solving. At the same time, by presenting critical management knowledge in organizational context, our students develop the disciplined habits of mind that allow them to maximize the effectiveness of their management decision-making. Similarly, Yale SOM graduates, especially those in entrepreneurial or cross-sectoral endeavors, have long been recognized for their unique combination of “soft” and “hard” skills – a combination that is more conducive to recognizing – and successfully acting on – opportunities as they present themselves. Read less
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