United Kingdom

About the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is located on an island just off of the shores of continental Europe. This European nation has been influential in western history. It is from the colonies settled by the people of the United Kingdom that many modern countries developed.

The United Kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Often it is also called "England" or "Britain," but the official name is the United Kingdom. Today the UK is an economic and military leader in the global economy, and has contributed much to the economy, culture, and scientific understanding of the modern world. Today, it is also known for its iconic royal family, which have become celebrities of sorts in global culture.

Business Studies in the UK

Students studying graduate-level business in the United Kingdom will study in one of the country's many universities, many of which have a rich history of strong academics. A graduate-level business degree in the UK is a Masters of Business Administration degree.

An MBA degree from a UK university will create higher earning potential for business professionals. It can also enhance your career opportunities, putting you in line for promotions and greater prestige in your own career. It also may open the door for you to switch your career.

The academic year for an MBA program in the UK is broken up into semesters. The fall semester runs from September through December. Students then receive a holiday break, then start back up in January with the spring semester running through May. Some schools will have summer programs as well.

Students can plan to spend anywhere from £16,000 to £73,000 for an MBA program in the UK. The difference will depend on the university chosen for study. The more prestigious the university is in the global marketplace, the more the studies will cost

International students can apply for an MBA program in the UK if they have an undergraduate degree and work experience in the business world. The undergraduate degree does not have to be in business, but it does need to show the student's academic prowess, because an MBA program is a detailed, rigorous program.

After graduation, your career possibilities will be great. Most companies will recognize an MBA from a British university. If you are already established in a career, you may be eligible for a new position or a promotion. If you are not, you will give yourself the edge as you search for a job in a crowded marketplace. Your overall income potential will be much higher as well.

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