The GSB MBA specializing in Executive Management (EMBA) is an applied learning experience for executives and leaders that will help you to develop in your executive role so that it is more fulfilling and purposeful. The programme will develop your presence, conceptual ability, practical wisdom and prudence so that you are able to prioritize in complex situations and deliver effectively.

The business world offers up challenges that involve large sets of variables on consumer behavior, trends, regulatory uncertainties, shifting competition, and new technologies. In order to illuminate insightful action, you need to develop a lens that helps you focus on the variables that matter. The EMBA uses systems thinking, design thinking and integrative thinking in the transformative learning process that enables students to build new lenses.

The EMBA at the GSB is offered in a modular format over two years. The curriculum comprises five contact modules, plus a dissertation. The interactive nature of the programme requires that you must attend all contact modules and contribute to the collective experience.

The EMBA return on investment:

  • Develop competence and mastery across the breadth of your management experience
  • Make sense of the totality of the messy experience of managing in a complex world
  • Go beyond knowledge and theory to include the felt experience of being in management
  • Become more authentic in how you engage with yourself, your team and the world
  • Find new purpose and fulfillment in your role and develop greater resilience in the workplace
  • Understand the need for and be able to implement successful business model innovation
  • Develop the capacity to integrate multiple perspectives and strategies to build more holistic and sustainable organizations
  • Join a powerful network of your peers

UCT GSB Executive MBA

The EMBA curriculum comprises five contact modules, plus a dissertation. The interactive nature of the programme requires that you must attend all contact modules and contribute to the collective experience.

Module 1: Systemic Executive Practice

This first module will enable you to start the construction of a conceptual framework for systemic management practice, which all other modules will develop further. The learning processes and projects are designed to introduce and embed systemic practices in your own management practice.

Module 2: Managing for Shareholder Value

In this module, you will explore opportunities for future value creation. The module integrates key concepts from the fields of economics, finance, globalization, and entrepreneurship into a strategic framework. It guides the establishment of a strategic intent and identifies and organizes the activities, resources, capabilities, structures, and processes needed to realize this.

Module 3: Managing for Customer Value

Focusing on operations, this module will give you an in-depth understanding of how internal and external customer value is created in terms of quality, cost, volume, and timing. The course aims to construct a cybernetic conceptual model of operations and to apply this to the value chain of the organization and its different functions.

Module 4: Managing for Societal Value

In this module, you will broaden your focus to take in the wider socio-economic context in which business and other institutions operate. It is designed to instill an appreciation that an organization is only as viable as the socio-economic system of which it is a part.

Module 5: Designing Sustainable Business Models

The module will focus on enabling you to develop a new way of being in strategic management and leadership. By allowing you to dwell on and reflect on particular experiences using relevant theoretical concepts, as well as through trying out various heuristics and thought experiments, you will begin to experiment with different ways of being that will unlock new competence, agility, and resilience in the workplace.

Module 6: Dissertation

The dissertation marks the final phase of your EMBA. You will be required to write a 25 000 word research report on a topic of relevance to your organization or context that demonstrates your understanding of the research process and your ability to apply this.

Program taught in:
  • English

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