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EFMD Epas Accredited

A dynamic, growing sector

The constant evolution of the market requires innovative and agile management approaches:

  • Mastery of the modes of communication adapted to the new networks of exchanges
  • Exploring Big Data and its Implications in Digital Strategies
  • Optimization of the chain of acquisition and customer loyalty
  • Value creation and sustainable customer relationship monitoring

Strong hiring of graduates in digital:

Companies specializing in analytics, big data, Internet data, advertisers, digital or interactive agencies, media agencies, ad-exchanges, web publishers, search engines, control rooms and desks trading ...

The traditional trades disrupted by digital require new skills, for example:

  • Operational Marketing Manager: Declining the e-marketing and multichannel strategy of the company and ensuring the operational follow-up of online projects
  • Relationship Marketing and CRM Manager: Understanding and processing a growing volume of digital consumer data (Big Data) to better target their marketing actions


  • Know the basics of managing a BU
  • Master the concepts and techniques of strategic marketing and an operational action plan
  • Know how to manage a brand, a product, an event
  • As part of the specialization , become an operational expert in e-marketing and web strategy

Program of the 1st year

  • Strategic Marketing: Strategic Planning, International Marketing, Brand Management, Experiential Management
  • Introduction to e-marketing: Digital Strategy, e-Commerce
  • Innovation: Creativity, Management of Innovation
  • Communication: On-line and Off-line Marketing, Social Networks and Community Management, Trademark and Communication Law, Serious Game: Communication Crisis
  • Fundamentals of Management: Finance KPI, RH. & Team Management, Business Strategy, Change Management, Business Plan
  • Learning by Business Games
  • Professional Development: Personal Development: Skills Porfolio, Business English

2nd year program

  • Marketing Strategies: Cross-Channel Marketing, Buzz-Marketing & Evenementlel, Social Networks
  • Webmarketing: CRM & Big Data, SEO & Optimization, Web analytics
  • Website Design: Website & UX (User Experience), Authoring Tools, Programming & Website Integration
  • Communication: Brand Identity and Storytelling, Direct Marketing Campaigns, Digital Video
  • Advanced Management: Design Thinking, Strategies & Agile Management, From Business Model to Business Plan, Kick-off (product / project launch), Project Monitoring & Reporting
  • Learning by Business Games
  • Professional Development: Professional Thesis, Business English


  • SME Director, Project Manager, e-commerce Director, Content Manager, Digital Communication Manager, Web Analyst, Communication Director, etc.

Admissions and Return

  • MBA 1, for holders of a bac +3 (Bachelor, license)
    Returning on March 26, 2018
  • MBA 2, for holders of a minimum Bac +4 degree , in any field (eco, management, science, sc. human, etc.). 2
    Suitable for professionals who want to reorient or boost their career
    Returning on March 29, 2018

Criteria and profile

The next school year: April 2018

Eligibility conditions

  • You have a BAC + 3 ...
    In accordance with the LMD (License, Master, PhD) standard, EDC Paris' specialized MBA * programs are offered over a period of 2 years.
    In the first year, students are oriented, according to their academic or professional profile.
    At the end of their first year, for students who have passed knowledge checks and validated an internship of a minimum duration of 3 months, the transition to 2nd year is then done automatically (there is no selection between 1st and 2nd year).
  • You have a BAC + 4/5 or more ...
    In accordance with the LMD standard (License, Master, Doctorate), and according to the prerequisites required for integration directly into the 2nd year, EDC Paris' specialized MBA * programs can be held in 18 months.
    The title is awarded at the end of their 2nd year of specialized MBA *, for students who have passed knowledge checks, validated an internship of a minimum duration of 6 months, and having written a dissertation.
  • You are active , and have at least 5 years of professional experience
    Specialized MBA * programs are career development accelerators. They provide their participants with the global and strategic vision of the company and develop their leadership and management skills. The duration and the pace of these programs make it possible to maintain the professional activity in parallel with the training.

3 steps

Selection and admission procedure for EDC Paris specialized MBA *

The definitive admission to EDC Paris' specialized MBA * takes place in three phases: the study of the elements of your application, the individual interview and the final validation of the admission by the jury.

Reminder: Conditions of admission

Students who are holding or who are in the process of validating a Bac +3 diploma can apply for a specialized MBA * in two years. Those holding or in the process of validating a Bac +4 minimum, can file a file for a MBA * specialized in one year. Admission for people with a level of education lower than Bac +3 but with a professional experience of more than 5 years is possible, it is then necessary to refer to the procedure of VAE (validation of the acquired experience ). Contact the admissions department.

PHASE 1: Study of the documents of your file by a jury

The application form is available for download on the website and by mail or mail (on request at

There is no deadline for applications but a limit of places per MBA * specialized, and per session. It is recommended to send your application file as soon as possible.

  1. Upon receipt, the application is examined by a jury that decides on the eligibility of the candidate. The eligibility response takes place within 15 days of receiving the file.
  2. The candidate is then contacted by the admissions department who will propose an individual interview date.

PHASE 2: The individual interview of selection

The candidate is received individually for 30 minutes.

The purpose of the interview is to analyze the candidate's personality, his knowledge of the function or sector chosen, the adequacy of his training and his professional motivations with the objectives of the specialized MBA *, and especially the needs of the candidates. companies.

This test takes place in French and in English for all the courses.

The examiner then gives an opinion favorable or unfavorable to the integration of the candidate within the desired specialized MBA *.

Note: Only candidates who are declared eligible and present for an interview will pay the application fee of 50 €.

PHASE 3: A jury declares admission or non-admission

Following the favorable or unfavorable comments of the examiner, the jury members summarize all the components of the student's application (file + interview). The candidate is then declared admitted or not admitted.

The admission response is communicated by email within 2 weeks after the interview.

For students in the course of study, admission may be granted subject to graduation.

The candidate declared admitted receives the registration file to return completed and accompanied by a deposit on registration.

Finance your studies

Francophone Program:

  • You enter 1st year (program in French)
    Francophone Program in 2 years (M1 + M2): Single price of € 7,900 * per year
  • You enter 2nd year (program in French)
    Francophone Program in 1 year (M2): Single price of 8 900 € *

English Program:

  • You enter 1st year (program in English)
    English program in 2 years (M1 + M2): Single price of 8 900 € * per year
  • You enter 2nd year (program in English)
    English program in 1 year (M2): Single price of € 9,850 * per year

* excluding student social security

Possible means of financing, in partnership with banking organizations, or through the alternating rhythm

The organization of MBA * courses on 2.5 days a week allows participants to work in parallel as part of an agreed internship, a fixed term contract or a permanent contract.

For several years, EDC Paris has set up partnerships with banks LCL and BNP Paribas.

Financial institutions offer financing solutions of up to 100% of tuition fees.


Upon request, EDC Paris can provide you with housing offers and contact information for student residences.

Depending on the type of housing and your family situation, you may be able to receive several housing benefits.

Intelligence and simulation online on

(* Master in Business Administration)

Program taught in:

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This course is Campus based
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Apr. 2019
2 years
7,900 EUR
Francophone Program in 2 years (M1 + M2): Single price of € 7,900 per year; Francophone Program in 1 year (M2): Single price of 8 900 € / English program in 2 years (M1 + M2): Single price of 8 900 € * per year; English Program in 1 year (M2): Pri
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Apr. 2019
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Apr. 2019

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