Study Business in Portugal

About Portugal Portugal shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain. It is located on the eastern side of the peninsula and includes Mainland Portugal as well as the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores. Portugal is known as a peaceful country where people enjoy a high quality of living. Parts of Portugal boast some of the warmest temperatures in Europe, with the country enjoying a mix of Mediterranean, Steppe and semi-arid climates in the different parts of the country. Portugal is also known as one of the most conservative countries in Europe, due in part to the influence of the Roman Catholic church. Business Studies in Portugal The warm temperatures, coastal location and strong educational system of Portugal make it an ideal place to study, and many students who are looking to advance their business degree choose Portugal as a country of study. While the universities are known for their technical education, their business degrees are strong as well. Students who are interested in studying business in Portugal will need to take classes through the country's university system. Admission criteria for business degree programs, especially on the graduate level, can be quite demanding. Students are requires to pass a series of examinations with a minimum grade in order to be accepted into the university system. International students are subject to these exams in the same way that local students are. These programs are quite research-oriented as well. The academic calendar for most universities in Portugal runs on a semester system. Students will attend classes from September through December for the first semester, with a period of exams in January. Then the second semester begins in February and runs through May, with examinations in June. Breaks for Christmas, Carnival and Easter are built into the academic calendar. A master's degree in business takes about two hours to complete. Portugal does not offer a free university education. Students should plan to play between $1300 and $1800 U.S. dollars or 950 to 1300 euros for a business master's degree program. Keep in mind that the cost will vary depending on the university chosen. Because of the rigorous study, business degrees from Portuguese universities are widely accepted and are known for their quality. Students who graduate with a master's in business from a university in Portugal will find that their services are in high demand. These students can find work in upper level management and similar positions in businesses in Portugal and the rest of Europe.