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MBA Real Estate is a mixture of practical and theoretical programs of understanding land development in general. Students of this program will get depth knowledge of techniques and strategies used to manage real estate development, like utilization of economic factors in running land development, selling and buying of real property. 

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TU Wien - Continuing Education Center

The graduates of the postgraduate Professional MBA Facility Management Program will be able to solve the Facility Management issues independently, for examples, the holis ... [+]

Program Content

The postgraduate MBA-Program is oriented towards pursuing an interdisciplinary approach to the Facility Management.

Professional fields

The working area of Facility Managers is versatile. Where can a Facility Manager work?

Industrial companies and large enterprises Public administration and local communities Banks and Insurance companies Research Institutions or Universities Health Care Companies Shopping Centers Office Buildings Exhibition Centers Hotels Housing complexes Infrastructure companies, such as in area of energy supply or transport infrastructure Facility Services Companies

All companies that want to exist among competitors with efficiently planned and managed resources need a facility-based management. Facility Managers can also work in architecture and engineering companies, in housing and Construction Company, or in real estate project development.... [-]

Austria Vienna
March 2020
2 years