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Upon earning a bachelor’s degree, many people choose to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration to give them an advantage in today’s competitive job market. An MBA provides knowledge in business management and operation and can be studied part-time, allowing students to gain work experience during their studies.

What is a part-time MBA in Management? No matter how great its product or service, a business will never succeed if not properly managed. An MBA in Management teaches students to understand the various aspects of business operation, including marketing, finance, economics, strategy and analytics, while paying special attention to providing a strong foundation in management best practices and leadership skills.

Practical knowledge gained in business operations helps graduates succeed in their careers from day one. However, equally as valuable are the soft skills learned, such as communication and analysis, that help graduates thrive in all aspects of life.  These skills are also the backbone of a strong management strategy.

Tuition and fees for MBAs will vary greatly depending on which university, college or business school is chosen. It is one of many factors that prospective students should research before choosing a specific program. It’s best to contact the admissions office directly for more information regarding costs.

By choosing this specialization, graduates with an MBA in Management find themselves well-poised to enter directly into a management position upon graduation. These positions could be in the finance department, marketing department, working in sales/business development or in strategy and operations. Job titles could include marketing manager, head of operations or financial analyst. Graduates may also have the tools needed to start their own business.

There are options for studying a part-time MBA in Management in countries around the world. Online degrees are also popular, as they allow added flexibility and students can study in international institutions without having to relocate. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Limak - Austrian Business School

For executives and experts / indoor / s who want to collect additional to their specialized management MBA international experience and meet new prospects. Appeal to you? ... [+]

The Management MBA programs at LIMAK are characterized by their modular design and in addition to the exchange of general management expertise (Management Compact) and the development of management skills (Leadership Experience) an in-depth specialization in one of seven fields.

To be able to best the existing network LIMAK benefit and in addition build new networks, the Management Fundamentals (Management Compact) are always passed together. Due to the different business in which the other students to new perspectives and views.

In the next module Leadership Experience the number of participants is deliberately scaled down in order to enable in this way a more intense experience-and experience-based learning and to promote personal knowledge transfer in the everyday practice.... [-]

Austria Linz
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18 months
DeSales University

In addition to developing an understanding of the sophisticated nature and inter-relationship among the basic functional areas of business, the MBA Program will emphasize ... [+]

In addition to developing an understanding of the sophisticated nature and inter-relationship among the basic functional areas of business, the MBA Program will emphasize executive skills development. The primary areas include Leadership, Communications, Decision Making, Self-awareness, Analysis and Synthesis and Critical Thinking.

Program Overview

The Program will utilize a holistic and strategic approach to dealing with organizational problems. Thus, functional areas of business will be considered in the context of the organizational whole, while maintaining an external and international perspective and providing a multi-stakeholder rather than a single-interest advocacy approach.... [-]

USA Center Valley Romania Bucharest Allentown  + 1 More
September 2019
2 years