One-Year MBA


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One-Year MBA

Ranked among the best MBAs in the nation and the world by respected publications like Bloomberg Businessweek and U.S. News & World Report, Notre Dame’s One-Year MBA provides a powerful strategic business education and makes you part of one of the world’s most loyal and active alumni networks.

The One-Year MBA begins in May with an intensive, 10-week summer session that provides you a thorough grounding in foundational business disciplines of accounting, economics, finance, leadership and organizational behavior, marketing, statistics, and strategy. In the fall, you’ll join the second-year cohort of the Two-Year MBA program—a great opportunity to widen your network even more--and begin to specialize your degree by choosing a concentration track. Concentrations include:

Business Analytics,
Business Leadership,
Corporate Finance,
Investments, or

With One-Year MBA from Notre Dame, you’ll be recognized as a highly capable business strategist who can rise to the challenges of a competitive, constantly changing business environment. Just as important as the skill and knowledge you’ll acquire, you’ll have Notre Dame’s worldwide network and globally respected brand to open doors.

Who is it for?

Pre-requisites for the Notre Dame one-year program

To apply, prospective students must have:

  • An undergraduate degree in business from an accredited university where English is the primary language
  • OR a demonstrated proficiency in fundamental business knowledge and skills (usually gained through significant work experience)
  • Three credit hours of Financial Accounting
  • Three credit hours of Statistics

Note: Enrollment is not encouraged for those who are seeking a drastic or significant career change. The Notre Dame MBA One-Year Program follows a May-to-May schedule and offers a curriculum that provides a balanced mastery of all functional areas of business. During the 10-week summer semester, students attend intensive sessions in the core disciplines, then join the second year of the Two-Year Program in the fall semester. Throughout the program, students are exposed to the complexities of global business through a series of engagements with business leaders worldwide.

One-Year curriculum overview

Beginning with an intense, abbreviated summer semester, students attend sessions in the core disciplines that normally are explored during the first year of the Two-Year program. After the summer semester, students move directly into the second year of the Two-Year program, joining those who are back for their second year.

At the end of the summer session, each One-Year MBA student selects a concentration track and courses for that track. During the fall and spring semesters of the second year, One-Year MBA students have the opportunity to take part in the MBA International Immersions or in Live Cases with Fortune 500 organizations.

Students are required to complete 46 credit hours.

Last updated Mar 2018

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Discover the Legendary Advantage™ of Notre Dame Business. We challenge you to Ask More of Business™ as you develop your talents and prepare to make a difference.

Discover the Legendary Advantage™ of Notre Dame Business. We challenge you to Ask More of Business™ as you develop your talents and prepare to make a difference. Read less
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