One-Year MBA Program

University of Pittsburgh: Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business

Program Description

One-Year MBA Program

University of Pittsburgh: Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business

One-Year MBA Program

In 1963, Katz became the world's first business school to offer a One-Year MBA program. The world has changed a lot since then, but our pioneering spirit and focus on accelerated career growth have stayed the same.

We help you advance in your field by providing a 360-degree understanding of business operations. You leave Katz able to walk into a business and add value from day one. We focus on building your business agility so that you can thrive in a world that's always changing.

Re-enter the Workforce

The One-Year MBA program provides the fastest return on investment. The program begins in August and finishes the following July. The condensed timeline means that students shoulder a highly intensive course load. However, we still give students the flexibility to design a schedule that fits their needs. Some electives are offered in the day and evening, as well as on Saturdays.

Collaboration Required

Diversity is one of our program's greatest strengths. It is not uncommon to have a class composed of certified public accountants, engineers, doctors, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and individuals poised to take over the family business. Our students build interdisciplinary skills by working with people from different backgrounds - and different ways of thinking.

Degree Requirements

Our applicants have substantial work experience and strong academic backgrounds. The ideal candidate has focused career goals and has earned an undergraduate degree. After being admitted into the One-Year MBA program, a student must fulfill the following requirements to graduate:

  • A minimum of 48 credits of approved graduate work
  • The appropriate distribution of 27 credits of required core courses and 21 credits of elective courses
  • A minimum cumulative quality point average (QPA) of 3.0 (B)

A Sample Schedule for a One-Year MBA

Transition Module

  • Community Learning Workshops
Ethics Workshop

  • Registration and Information Procedures sessions

Fall Term: August–December

  • Financial Accounting (3.0)
  • Economic Analysis for Managerial Decisions (3.0)
  • Organizational Behavior (3.0)
  • Statistical Analysis: Uncertainty, Prediction, and Quality Improvements (3.0)
  • Random assignment into two of the following three required courses: Financial Management (3.0), Information Systems (3.0), Marketing Management (3.0).

Spring Term: January–April

  • Decision Technology in Manufacturing and Operations Management (1.5) or
  • Strategic Management (3.0)
  • One-year students may choose one of the following three courses: Managerial Accounting (1.5), Global Macroeconomics (1.5), Human Resources for Competitive Advantages (1.5)
  • Remaining core courses and elective course of your choice

Summer Term: April–July

Any remaining required courses and elective of your choice

Caveat: To prevent scheduling complications, students are strongly recommended to satisfy as many core courses prior to their final term as possible. Ideally, a student should enroll in only one (1) core course during the final term, if necessary.

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USA - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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