Be a Better Worker: Take the Right Kind of Break
June 15, 2017

Taking the right kind of break at work can literally make or break your productivity.  Learn more about a new study on workplace breaks and how they can help you succeed.

Malaysian Ministry Wants More Student Entrepreneurs
June 7, 2017
If you’re a student in higher education in Malaysia and have an entrepreneurial streak, you’re in luck.  The Malaysian Ministry wants more entrepreneurs.  Why?  Find out.

Getting to Know France’s New National Education Minister
May 31, 2017
Upon his election as the President of France, Emmanuel Macron named center-right Edouard Philippe as Prime Minister. Philippe, in turn, assembled a government, which “comprises a mix of socialist and conservative officials, with an equal balance between men and women as well as people from civ...

Nonprofits That Act Like Businesses Become More Transparent
May 24, 2017
A new study confirms that nonprofits that use strategic business practices are more likely to collaborate and be transparent.  Let’s take a closer look.

Male College Enrollments on the Rise in the US
May 17, 2017
Male matriculation rates at US colleges and universities have long lagged behind those of their female counterparts. However, men are finally starting to catch up to women, according to a recent report from Bloomberg based on new data from the Labor Department. What’s motivating this new trend...

Why Students Apply for MBA Programs as a Couple
May 10, 2017
For some young couples in India, the path to an MBA abroad is a family affair.  Find out why many are applying to their MBA programs together.  Let’s take a closer look.

Women MBAs on the Rise in India
May 3, 2017
Indian MBA programs are graduating growing numbers of women, according to a recent report from India’s Economic Times. Read on for a closer look at the trend and what’s driving it.

Business Schools Seek Multiple Accreditations
April 26, 2017
When you hear “triple-crown,” think race horses and MBA programs.  Why?  More business schools are seeking multiple accreditations to encourage students to enroll.  It’s about competitive advantage—the cornerstone of any business negotiation.  Let’s ...

South Africa Calls on Industry to Boost Higher Education
April 19, 2017
The need for higher education reform is a priority for many countries. But colleges and universities can’t do it on their own, says South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, who recently called for industry collaboration aimed at ensuring economic growth through a skilled workforce. Here...

Canadian Multiculturalism Appeals to Indian MBA Students
April 12, 2017
Canada’s increasing popularity as a study abroad destination applies to MBA students, too.  Canada has seen a tremendous uptick in the number of applications from Indian students.  Let’s take a closer look at why more Indian students are choosing Canada over other options.


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