New Court Decision Means Tax Break for MBAs
September 7, 2016

MBA students in the US have cause to celebrate thanks to a recent court decision positioning them to successfully deduct tuition expenses on their taxes. Let’s take a closer look at the case, along with highlighting one particular group of MBA students likely to come out ahead due to the ruling.

How Study Abroad Fuels Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China
August 31, 2016
While most countries encourage their students to study abroad, brain-drain is a real concern. But China, which ends more than half a million students abroad each year, is tackling the problem head-on and has seen record numbers of students returning to the country to start their businesses and utili...

Starting a Business While at University? You’re Not Alone
August 24, 2016
The focus of many contemporary business school curricula aims beyond teaching management skills to instead cultivating the development of the next generation of leaders and innovators. However, recent research from Santander confirms that students in the UK may not be waiting until after b-school to...

International Enrollments on the Rise in Germany
August 17, 2016
International enrollments are still going strong in Germany. An annual report from the Wissenschaft weltoffen, by DAAD and DZHW, reveals that international student numbers not only grew by seven percent in 2015, but also that international students now comprise 12 percent of the country’s tota...

Korea-New Zealand Trade Agreement Highlights Maori Businesses
August 10, 2016
Earlier this summer, a council of New Zealand business leaders and government ministers traveled to Korea to promote a Korea-New Zealand free trade agreement. The council highlighted a trade sector that accounts for nearly 6% of New Zealand's GDP and includes everything from biotech businesses to ki...

Google Wants to Help You Learn to Code
August 3, 2016
The call to code is stronger than ever, with computer science having officially established itself as a foundational 21st century field -- regardless of career path. But what if you’re still in the dark when it comes to coding? Google’s Android Basics Nanodegree offered through Udacity m...

Do Today’s Prospective Business Students Have Unprecedented Resolve?
July 20, 2016
While prospective business school students may once have kept their options open while pondering their b-school paths, recent data from the US’s Graduate Management Admission Council suggests that today’s students are far more focused when it comes to selecting both their degrees and the...

Are Foreign Providers the Key to Quality for Higher Education in India?
July 13, 2016
India has long sought to position itself as a global higher education leader. Now, the National Institution for Transforming India Aayog (NITI Aayog) think tank has revealed its prescription for helping the country achieve that goal. A major component of the organization’s roadmap for reform? ...

More B-School Students Exploring Alternative Funding Arrangements
July 6, 2016
Nearly everyone can agree that b-school is expensive. In fact, concern over the high cost of this advanced degree is one of the primary deterrents for prospective students. However, several funding trends are changing the way students think about funding. Let’s take a closer look at some innov...

More Non-EEA UK B-School Grads Venturing Elsewhere For Work
June 29, 2016
Students from all over the world flock to the UK every year to take advantage of the country’s top business school educations. However, recent data from The Financial Times shows that many aren’t choosing to stick around following the completion of their degrees. Where are they going and...


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