About Morocco

Morocco is an Arab country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Enjoying freedom that is not common among its neighbors, it has long been a major player in the history of the region. Today, the constitutional monarchy is becoming a popular tourist destination, attraction over 10 million tourists a year. Its ancient cities and beautiful mountain terrain draw people to Morocco to experience the country's culture and beauty for themselves. Casablanca, its largest city, is one of the biggest draws for tourists, made famous in classic Hollywood movies. As Morocco continues to grow as an economic and political power, many people are turning their attention to its university system as an opportunity for international study.

Study Business in Morocco

Morocco has fourteen major public universities, as well as specialty schools and international universities. Business degrees are typically taken at a public university or an international university. Private institutions are also in Morocco. One of the reasons students choose Morocco is because of the tremendous growth of the business management education sector. The affordability of the program and the opportunity to study in an area with rich history and cultural heritage are all contributing to this growth. An undergraduate business degree requires four years of full-time study and a master's degree requires two years of full-time study. The academic year in Morocco has two semesters. The fall semester runs from August to December, and the spring semester runs from January through May. Many schools also offer a shorter summer term. Studying in Morocco offers the benefit of studying in an Arabic country that has a proven track record of producing excellent business professionals. Students who graduate with a business degree from Morocco will be poised to become business leaders in the Arab world. A deeper understanding of Arab culture and the people of this region will help with business activities in the future. Those who pursue a Masters of Business in Morocco will be in a better position for leadership roles and promotions because of their extended education. The cost of studying in Morocco is one of the benefits of this area. Most students will find tuition to be fairly affordable. The tuition cost in private universities will vary depending on the university and program chosen.