With the Modular Executive MBA, you can create your own MBA. Study whilst having a job and work on your ambitions. Choose the MBA-title with a full MBA or follow one or several modules for a quick upgrade of your knowledge.

Whatever track you choose, with the Modular Executive MBA at Nyenrode you will work on your personal and professional growth and stay in control.

Create your own MBA

You can follow one or more modules, providing you with the flexibility to choose from three dedicated specializations. Depending on your interest, time investment and your ambition, you can choose:

  • A full-MBA (consisting of a minimum of 2 specialization modules, 6 core modules, the international study trip, and MBA thesis)
  • one or several separate modules of your desire
  • Personal and flexible MBA
  • Configure your own MBA containing 10 modules
  • Special attention to personal and professional growth


Our modular MBA means you are in the driver's seat. You can pick from the modules below to create your very own MBA program, fitting your specific requirements and goals.

Check which modules suit your situation best to make the most of your MBA studies with us.

We provide you with many options: you can follow a single module, stack multiple modules, or complete ten of them to form a complete MBA*. Feel free to contact our program advisors to discuss how we can meet your needs.

*Certain requirements apply

Why an MBA in Business & IT?

Digital Leadership

Do you operate daily in a hectic environment with tight deadlines, varying departmental interests, and limited budgets? You are not the only one. IT's impact on organizations is large, and increasing. It gathers a lot of investments, but these do not always produce the desired results, and organizational development processes are often long and complicated. However, IT also enables new organizational structures and business models; developing networks with partners, a more close-knit, interactive connection with customers, and less hierarchical layers within businesses.

IT is no longer a separate department, but part of an organization's strategy, and therefore demands leadership and entrepreneurship in order to stay ahead of the competition. Do you bridge the gap between IT and Business, guaranteeing a successful future?

The Modular Executive MBA in Business & IT centers on linking business with IT. Our integrated approach to these two disciplines offers you the opportunity to bridge the gap while facing tomorrow's challenges.

The Modular Executive MBA in Business & IT consists of:

  • 6 core modules
  • 2 specialization modules
  • 1 international study trip
  • the thesis

It is also possible to follow one or several modules separately.

Why an MBA in Food & Innovation?

There are many challenges facing the food sector. In 80 years, our planet will house 11 billion people. Current figures indicate that over half of them will struggle for enough food. The world demands a sustainable answer to this pregnant issue, and companies in the food sector need to take the lead. There is an ongoing trend in the food chain where the customer dictates more and more of what happens. At the same time, technological advances move at warp speed. These changes offer opportunities, but may also dislodge the reigning system.

In Nyenrode's Modular Executive MBA in Food & Innovation program, you actively work on a variety of issues and work together with leaders in Food to make your sector future-proof. You will get inspired, gain valuable knowledge and skills, and exchange information to create additional value for yourself, your organization, and your environment – among which the food sector.

To achieve this, we do not only gather managers, entrepreneurs and board members from the (agri)food and horti sectors – we invite the entire chain: from agro to processing/production to retail, including unmissable chain partners such as the utility sector, money lenders/investors and transport.

The Modular Executive MBA in Food & Innovation consists of:

  • 6 core modules
  • 2 specialization modules
  • 1 international study trip
  • the thesis

It is also possible to follow one or several modules separately.

Why an MBA in Public & Private?

In a climate where more and more tasks move from government to private parties, your ability to cooperate is one of the main factors of success. You operate in an environment in which public and private parties come together, such as hospitals, building, and utility companies or NGOs. This requires you to have strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills. We challenge you to continuously create situations that stimulate you to keep developing.

In this MBA we focus on bridging cultural differences between the public and private sectors. We ensure you have current knowledge about developments in your field and enable you to develop into an even stronger connector of the many stakeholders in the public-private domain.

Please note that the track Public & Private is only given in Dutch.

The Modular Executive MBA in Public & Private consists of:

  • 6 core modules
  • 2 specialization modules
  • 1 international study trip
  • the thesis

It is also possible to follow one or several modules separately.


How does it work?

  • Nyenrode's Modular Executive MBA program consists of 10 modules, you may follow each module separately
  • Choose the module that is relevant to your line of work
  • Choose which track suits you best: Business & IT, Food & Innovation or Public & Private
  • After successfully completing a module you receive a certificate
  • To receive your Executive MBA degree you need to complete a minimum of 2 specialization modules, 6 core modules, the international trip, and the MBA thesis

The six core modules

  • Change Management and Organizational Development
  • Business Processes and Technology
  • Risk and Finance
  • Market, Law, and Ethics
  • Leadership and Cooperation
  • Digital Strategy and Transformation

Specialization modules

In each of the tracks, we offer additional specialization modules. Choose the modules that suit you best to give your MBA more focus.

International study trip

The international trip is a module that deals specifically with globalization and the challenges it brings. We strongly believe that an MBA program that is focused on strengthening its participants' leadership skills needs an international component to be part of the curriculum.

Therefore, taking this module is mandatory if you are studying for a full MBA.


You finish your Executive MBA Degree program by writing a thesis. You choose your own practical management problem, which you will translate into a research proposal. You will translate the results of your research into practical advice for your organization.


For whom?

To be eligible for our Modular Executive MBA program you need:

  • at least 5 years' work experience as a (general) manager or in an influential/strategic position
  • proven minimum bachelor's level of work and/or education
  • affinity with the work field of one of the tracks (Business & IT, Food & Innovation or Public & Private)
  • sufficient knowledge of English


Do you meet the requirements and are you ready to start your MBA program with us? Apply now. After your application has been received, we will send you an email outlining what we need to complete your registration.

Admission procedure

In order to start processing your application, we need the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Application form
  • Copy of highest achieved diploma


Based on your documents you will be invited for an interview. This can take place at Nyenrode or via Skype. During this meeting, we discuss your motivation and mutual expectations. After this meeting, we will decide whether you meet the requirements.

If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact us.

Personal advice

During a personal consultation, we look at your situation and which route would best suit your needs. By gaining insight into your work experience, personality, motivation and ability to reflect on yourself, our advisors are better able to help you plan your studies.

What are the costs?

Your investment for the modules is € 6,395. However, there are a few exceptions. The module Leadership and Cooperation costs € 7,595, the International Study Trip costs € 4,595*, and the Thesis module costs € 7,995. All MBA modules are exempt from VAT and the price includes access to all of Nyenrode's physical and virtual student facilities as well as food and drinks on course days. Hotel accommodations are not included in the price and can be booked separately.

*This amount may vary depending on the destination and duration of the trip.

All amounts and terms are indicative (excluding additional costs, unless otherwise stated) and subject to periodic changes.

Program taught in:
  • English
  • Dutch

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