Mba master in business administration international executive


Program Description

MBA Master in Business Administration International Executive

The MBAi Executive (MBAiE) is the result of the combination of a long experience of La Salle as a business school in the USA (own Universities of Manhattan and Philadelphia). It aims to train people by developing the entrepreneurial and creative nature to anticipate future business needs in a globalized and multicultural environment, while at the same time instilling a pragmatic and possible view accompanied by ethical values, emotional intelligence, social responsibility and teamwork to ensure sustainable returns over time.

Dirigido a:

Professionals with experience:

• engineers and general technical profiles who need to complete their academic training with specific training in management to access management positions (almost indispensable requirement), with confidence and security.

• department directors (marketing, finance, HR ...) to acquire a global and strategic vision of the company and learn how departments interact.

• service company consultants

• entrepreneurs

• in general, any professional who wishes to develop his professional career towards the world of management and business


Minimum experience of three years in the work environment.


The MBAi Executive is designed from the Salle experience as a business school in the USA (La Salle University Philadelphia and Manhattan College New York).

It configures a program oriented to provide a different learning experience based on:

• special care of the methodology,

• the formation of small groups that allow an intense dedication on the part of the teachers

• and a clear commitment to develop professional skills of managers required today:

1. The intrapersonal side to achieve the balance

2. The interpersonal aspect to interact effectively

3. The critical spirit to support opinions and decisions in a solid way.

4. Creativity to generate knowledge, processes or products adapted to the needs of the company and the market

In addition, to experience internationality, the program includes a stay at La Salle University-Philadelphia for two weeks in July, in which the courses are combined with visits to companies and conferences of visiting professors. It is a unique and intensive experience, personal, academic and cultural.
It is worth mentioning that one of the main assets of the program, the faculty, formed by high level managers and recognized experience in prestigious companies that combine it with the vocation for teaching.



• General and analytical accounting

• Financial economic analysis and treasury management

• International economy

• Financial markets

• Analysis of investments and valuation of companies


• Strategic, conceptual and operational marketing

• Market research

• Sales Planning


• Production, Organization of processes and Quality

• Logistics and Purchasing Management


• Elaboration of strategies and company policies

• Management control


• Strategic HR management

• Labor law and Occupational risk prevention


• Management and organization of information technology and systems in the company

• Innovation Management

• Personal and professional development:

• Emotional Skills

• Management skills Social skills

• Internationalization processes of companies


To prepare the current professionals to occupy managerial positions at the highest level, equipping them with knowledge and high management skills to:

• interpret business contexts,

• develop an overall vision necessary to understand the global functioning of the economy and the role of other variables of the business world, especially the development of strategies

• update and generate new knowledge,

• apply appropriate solutions to the problems posed by the current environment characterized, inter alia, by the need for better and faster attention to the demands of markets through different ways of managing resources and different ways of doing business.

Last updated Sep 2017

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