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MBA - Master in Business Administration

MBA - The Master in Management is a learning experience that will transform your career, expanding your development horizons.

It offers cutting-edge knowledge for a local context, with a global perspective and also fosters the development of key skills and attitudes in managerial performance, in a highly demanding academic environment.

What skills do you acquire?

  • Leadership Potential and Responsible Management Attitudes
  • Comprehension of the global environment and great analytical capacity
  • Fluent communication skills, capable of managing change and making decisions
  • Skills for negotiation and conflict management
  • Preparation for teamwork and mastery of supervision tools, which are based on values ​​of respect, tolerance and flexibility in the work
  • Ability for practical application of knowledge, skills and tools, with managerial initiative

What are the benefits?

  • You obtain the Master's Degree in Administration (MBA), nationally and internationally recognized. It is the best in Venezuela and is ranked as the 11th MBA in the Latin American region, according to the ranking of the magazine América Economía (2010). It has three international accreditations: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.
  • You have a rigorous training in finance, marketing, organizations and operations, which will allow you to stand out and opt for better positions
  • You learn from the hand of world-class academics, with a doctorate in the best universities in the world, able to transmit knowledge in different areas and how to apply them to the Latin American and global reality.
  • You have the opportunity to experience the challenges and dilemmas of managers, as our methodology is based on the discussion of real cases and business simulations
  • You join an active community of students, professors and graduates that will allow you to expand your network of contacts, thus expanding business opportunities and updating of knowledge.
  • You will be able to know other cultures, expand perspectives and knowledge of the international business world because you have the opportunity to take a quarter abroad, with the IESA exchange program. There are more than 30 schools of international studies with which we have agreements. Also you can choose as a student or graduate Dual Degree programs (*), and obtain an American degree.

You can choose between two study options: full time and part time:

Full-time MBA:

The Master in Full Time Management is a program designed to be completed in 12 months, with the possibility of taking elective subjects in the areas of operations, marketing, finance, organizations or entrepreneurship. This plan covers four quarters of eleven weeks. Five subjects must be taken and one or two workshops per quarter.

In the last trimester of July-September, the student will be able to travel to begin his exchange experience.

Part-time MBA:

The part-time MBA is a program designed to be completed in 24 months / 8 quarters. This modality is ideal for those who work, because they can register their subjects at a time compatible with their work activity; that is, an average of three days per week, during day time at night. The minimum load is three materials and one workshop per quarter.

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IESA - Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administration &nbsp IESA School of Management is a private, nonprofit organization that provides a public service to all of society and is independent ... Read More

IESA - Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administration &nbsp IESA School of Management is a private, nonprofit organization that provides a public service to all of society and is independent of current economic groups, political, religious or governmental. Venezuela seeks to offer a school of international prestige, and the rest of Latin America, an academic and intellectual production that understands your challenges and realities of management. &nbsp It is one of the four schools of management and business in Latin America and 34 of the world to have the three most important international accreditations, which account for the quality of its academic, teaching performance and intellectual production, according to the most demanding quality standards. &nbsp Among its strategic objectives for the period 2009-2015, include: The growing number of participants in postgraduate and executive education. Profitable new generation models, creation and dissemination of knowledge. The deepening of the teaching method Participant Centered Learning. The development of distinctive teaching and research in international and local relevance, especially in the area of ​​entrepreneurship. It has presence in three major cities of Venezuela (Caracas, Maracaibo and Valencia), to meet local market needs. Additionally, through the Foundation for Advanced Studies in Management (EGF), located in the City of Knowledge (Panama), strengthens its outreach and service to Latin America. Read less
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