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Program Description

MBA International Real Estate Management


The course International Real Estate Management, first master's program for the real estate industry in Germany (since 2002), provides comprehensive professional know-how for junior and executives of the real estate industry with a focus on commercial real estate. He is a generalist created with the aim to give the participants who are already experts in their respective fields an insight into other disciplines and to make the overall context clearly - an important prerequisite for management and leadership responsibilities. This is done both top-qualified lecturers from practice and through interdisciplinary project work in teams in the areas of project development, investment, asset and portfolio management.

Applicants who do not have a first degree, have the opportunity to acquire at the Academy of Hochschule Biberach the title International real estate economist.

Course content and objectives

Taken literally internationality
In our master program internationality is taken literally with organizers from three countries and a cross-border study course! One week in Zurich and three weeks in London - amidst be exciting developing metropolis.

Best practice on an international scale
Expertise at the international level is a factor of success, as more and more real estate companies are operating across borders. Also in Germany are subject to the increasing professionalization of the real estate industry and the development of its many influences from other methods, especially Anglo-Saxon real estate markets. This is especially evident in the evaluation of the yield calculation, financing or looking for new investment strategies. Expertise at the international level is necessary not only for international transactions, but also provides a valuable platform for the creative development of their own professionalism and the ability to critical examination of both conventional and newer than approaches.

A holistic approach by focusing
Understand not only compare is our motto - deeper immersion in selected countries rather than selective juxtaposition of many countries. For it is only in evaluating the interaction of the context of a country with the conditions prevailing in the real estate business methods opens up a mature approach to the feasibility and favorability of other approaches for their professional practice. Who has this process for only two countries passed through or lived through has the best foundation to understand about the later substantiated in practice to other countries.

A detailed content description of each module can be found in the degree program brochure or dates / drain on the right side.

Study Procedure, Dates & SPO

The study includes a period of 13 months approximately 11 weeks of time of in 5 blocks, and supported self-study. The implementation in blocks can participate to even with continued arrival. Thus, the rates set always consists of an international structure of participants from the different real estate markets and fields, what valuable discussions and experience allows, especially since all the participants have professional experience. The block structure also permits a much more intense and effective learning, than is possible in weekend events.

Lecture times (usually)
Monday 9:45 to 17:45
Tuesday to Friday 08:00 to 5:45 p.m.
Saturdays 08:00 to 13:00 at the evaluation seminars will be held exams and project presentations.

Admission Requirements

This requires a degree from a university, college or vocational college (especially economics, bauorientierte and jurisprudential studies). Candidates should have at least one year of experience in the real estate and construction industry.

In the case otherwise acquired aptitude for the study is the possibility to acquire the title "International Real Estate Economist". We apologize for any custom clearance with the principal investigator.

Study fee

The fee for the Master Program is 18,500, - EUR and is free of VAT. This includes the registration fee of 350, - EUR, the fee for all five study blocks and all documentation and assessments, including the master's thesis. Also included are drinks and snacks during coffee breaks and a dinner with all the participants.


As participants in the MBA International Real Estate Management set examinations at the State University of Biberach, to have a state-recognized MBA degree, which opens up access to the career of the higher civil service. You register as external students and part is accompanied on admission to the external examination at Biberach University of application.

The signed registration form including the signed Terms and Conditions and the application for admission to the external examination shall also be accompanied by:

  • Tabular CV
  • Certified copies of the degree certificate and the university certificate
  • photograph
  • Motivation letter with a short presentation of the planned time reconciling study and work (eg by holiday / exemption) and the level of English proficiency.

The application must be sent to:
Academy of the University Biberach
Postfach 1260
88382 Biberach The number of participants is limited. Decisive for the approval is the order of receipt of applications. Feel free to send us your application via e-mail for a non-binding preliminary terms of meeting the admission requirements. Interested parties also have the possibility, during blocks attend in Biberach individual lectures and the personal exchange with principal investigator and participants. Please call for an appointment to the Academy of Biberach University.

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Traditionell eine Hochschule für Bauwesen steht die Hochschule Biberach für die klassischen Disziplinen Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen. Spezialangebote differenzieren diese Studienangebote: Projektmanagement (Bau) sowie Betriebswirtschaft (Bau & Immobilien). Read less
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