Mba integrated sustainability management - quar


Program Description

MBA Integrated

Sustainability Management - QUAR

The accredited MBA course

"Integrated Sustainability Management - QUAR" is the expression of Zittau / Görlitz University's policy of creating new market- and application-oriented courses.

The degree program enables graduates to meet the needs of the present day, which are characterized by globalization, a scarcity of resources and a growing competition. Sustainability management is a challenging cross-section task that requires systematic processes, adaptive structures, and efficient internal and external communication. The four named ones illustrate the areas of concern that an entrepreneurial sustainability management from our point of view encompasses:

  • Q quality management
  • U nvironmental management
  • A rbeitsschutzmanagement
  • R isikomanagement

The four areas form the core modules of our course. They are supplemented by the module complex leadership and social competencies as well as compulsory elective modules from the economic sciences.

Vocational training course

Our offer is aimed at professionals who want more than just professional further training. It is a matter of dealing with dynamic and complex issues of today's time, which is characterized by globalization, resource constraints and an increasingly intensifying competition. The course of studies is practical and enterprise-oriented. The necessary theoretical foundations are taught by our professors. Experienced experts and lecturers prepare the practice reference. The participants, their experiences and questions are always the focus. We strive for a common active learning process, not a passive mediation of theoretical knowledge teachers to learners.

The development and testing of the course is a project of the Faculty of Mathematics / Natural Sciences at the Zittau / Görlitz University of Applied Sciences and was funded by the European Social Fund and the Free State of Saxony.

The duration of the Master's degree is five semesters, including Master thesis. The students earn 90 ECTS points and, for a fee, the TÜV certificates:

  • Quality management,
  • Environmental management and management
  • Occupational health and safety management.

Tuition fees are charged in the amount of EUR 2250 per semester. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Relevant studies may be recognized upon application.

Admission Requirements

In addition to a professional qualification, at least one year of experience in a relevant profession is required.

The suitability and individual requirements of the applicants are determined in a personal interview.

For foreign applicants, proof of German language skills at the university level (DSH) is also required.

study goal

The transfer of specialist knowledge and current developments as well as the interdisciplinary approach of the different management systems enable the graduates to recognize and analyze economic problems and to develop the necessary problem solutions. The supplementary modules prepare future executives to implement the problem solving in practice.


MBA - Master of Business Administration

The accredited MBA degree fulfills the prerequisites for access to the higher service in the public administration and qualifies for the duties of executives in companies.

Career Options

The middle management level and areas of responsibility for quality assurance and environmental, occupational safety and risk management.

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