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Program Description


With the aim of occupying a new dimension in the postgraduate training offer, the International Menéndez Pelayo University (UIMP) and the ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones (through the ICEX-CECO Business School) have scheduled a new edition of the Official Program from MBA in International Management (former Master in International Business Management), Within the ICEX Scholarship Program.

Spain is in an accelerated process of internationalization, which makes it necessary for our young professionals to acquire an international vision of management and familiarize themselves with the techniques and tools that are their own, especially in the field of economics and business. The modern company needs to implement a global orientation in its culture and management, and not to place geographical limits on the marketing of its products and services or the purchase and supply of its productive inputs.

Business success depends to a large extent on the ability of managers and executives to manage, in the most efficient way possible, and in conditions of global economic interdependence, the resources that the company, institutions and society in general make available to them . This requires professionals capable of facing new challenges and who are able to take advantage of the business opportunities offered by globalization.


The MBA develops knowledge and skills in advanced areas of the international management of the company that will allow students, once graduates, to be able to assume responsibilities in the field of management and management of companies with an international vocation.

Its main objectives They are:

  • To train professionals capable of leading the process of internationalization of their companies and organizations (both private and public), designing, implementing and directing the process of opening new markets.
  • Train professionals with a broad knowledge of the environments in which the company operates, the international economic situation, the institutional framework and international standards and agreements, as well as provide a clear understanding of the processes of economic interdependence that govern markets And sectors, which affect the definition and effectiveness of corporate policy.
  • To offer the complement of practical professional training in foreign countries, in order to obtain an in-situ experience of the opportunities and problems presented by the various international markets and the real needs of the companies that wish to enter them.


The MBA IN INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT is a postgraduate program that consists of 75 credits that will be realized during 12 months (two academic courses). The first 60 credits (which are taught and evaluated from October to June: 36 weeks without exceeding what is stated in point 4 of article 4 of RD 1125/2003 regarding the duration of the academic courses) correspond to the subjects of the master's degree structured In six large "Academic Modules" and a "Business Internationalization Project" carried out in group, supervised and with presentation at the end of June. The remaining 15 credits (which run from July to September) correspond to the Final Master's Work (TFM), which will be carried out individually, and will be publicly defended before a court in September. In no case may the TFM be submitted for evaluation by the court if the student has not passed all the subjects.

The natural continuation of this Master is the participation of its graduates in the ICEX Internationalization Scholarship program (entity that is part of the Program Studies Commission). The selection process for this scholarship program starts with the admission to this Master and these scholarships are awarded exclusively to the graduates of this Master with the best academic records. Thus, the graduates have the possibility to make 45 additional credits of paid internships in the Economic and Commercial Offices of the embassies of Spain abroad. The performance of these remunerated practices, which are not part of the Master, will be reflected in the European Supplement to the Title (as extraordinary credits).

Being possible to do this Master part-time, this circumstance would prevent students from competing, on equal terms, with those who attend full-time, if they apply for the remunerated internships of the ICEX Internationalization Scholarship Program that take place after (It is an essential requirement of the ICEX Internationalization Scholarship Program Call, having reached an average of 5 points out of 10 in the Master on the 75 credits of the subjects taken in the period October - September).


Module I: International economic environment (6 ECTS) Code.
100884 Fundamentals of Economics (2 ECTS)
100885 Country Analysis (2 ECTS)
100886 Spanish foreign sector and EU policies (2 ECTS)

Module II: International Business Strategy (6 ECTS) Code.
100887 Fundamentals of business strategy (3 ECTS)
100888 Advanced strategy: cases of internationalized companies (3 ECTS)

Module III: Marketing and Market Research (14 ECTS) Code.
100889 Commercial research (I) - Sources of economic and commercial information (On-line and face-to-face) (2 ECTS)
100890 Fundamentals of Marketing (2 ECTS)
100891 Business research (II) - Market studies (3 ECTS)
100892 International Marketing (3 ECTS)
100893 Instruments to support the internationalization of the Spanish company: ICEX main programs and policies. (2 ECTS) International Business and e-Business Development and Management: International implementation and management (2 ECTS)

Module IV: Accounting and Finance (10 ECTS) Code.
100894 Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance (On-line and face-to-face) (4 ECTS)
100895 International short-term finance (2 ECTS)
100896 Financing of operations in the medium and long term (2 ECTS) Financing of investments and infrastructure projects / Project Finance (2 ECTS)

Module V: International Legal Environment (7 ECTS) Code.
100897 Transport and international logistics (3 ECTS)
100898 Legal environment - International contracting (2 ECTS)
100899 International Taxation (2 ECTS)

Module VI: Business communication (For international business) (7 ECTS) Code.
100900 Writing workshop (On-line and face-to-face) (2 ECTS)
100905 Management skills (3 ECTS) Sales and commercial communication techniques / Sales and customers management (2 ECTS)

Elective Course Module (1 ECTS / subject). The student must enroll in 3 of the 25 subjects of this module:

Area of ​​international economic environment

100907 Regulation and barriers in international trade
100908 Major challenges of the international economy (Not offered in the 2017-2018 call)

Area of ​​International Business Strategy

100909 Management and transfer of technology
100910 International strategy of fashion chains
100911 Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
100912 Challenges and Opportunities Associated with Climate Change Entrepreneurship and Innovation / Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Market Research and Market Research Area

100914 Exportation of franchises
100916 Profitable International Customer Management
100917 Great distribution in the world: business models (Not offered in the 2017-2018 call)
100918 Positioning and brand engineering: key tools of international competitiveness
100919 Creation and international management of brands: a perspective from the Made in Spain Tourism and internationalization International marketing of goods and services of engineering, construction and professional services

Accounting and Finance Area

100920 Study of the cycle of an international project
100923 Location and management of international projects and tenders. International Financial Institutions
100925 Risk analysis and management of international projects

Area of ​​international legal environment

100926 International tax optimization
100927 Protection of industrial and intellectual property in the international market International Human Resources Management / International Human Resource Management

Business Communication Area

100928 Business and corporate communication
100929 Tics and communication (Not offered in the 2017-2018 call)
100930 Institutional communication (Not offered in the 2017-2018 call)

Cod. 100931 Internationalization Project (in group) (7 ECTS) - Presentation in June Cod. 100932 Master's thesis (individual) (15 ECTS) - Presentation and defense in September 45 additional ECTS of internship abroad: in the Economic and Commercial Offices of the Spanish Embassies abroad (in the second year and according to The places available). For informative and unofficial purposes, these credits will appear in the European supplement to the student's title.

Evaluation and Certification

In general, the evaluation will be carried out continuously through tests or exams in the different subjects and through the completion of the Internationalization Project (7 ECTS) and the Master's Degree Work (15 ECTS), which will be defended before a Composed of at least three professors, at the end of the course.

The students have two calls per subject in each academic year and must complete all credits of the program in a maximum of three years. The enrollment will be made obligatorily following the curricular sequence of the curriculum.

The student commits himself to take the degree with the use and to respect the academic discipline, the norms of coexistence and organization, norms of evaluation and permanence and other regulation proper of ICEX-CECO.

The student may be punished and ultimately lose his right to continue the course and be expelled when he repeatedly violates the norms of coexistence and academic discipline, fails to meet the established minimum of attendance, does not pass the evaluation tests that are determined or any other Established in the rules of organization and operation.

The students enrolled in the Master will obtain, upon completing and passing the program, Official Master's Degree in International Business Management / MBA in International Managenent, issued by the Rector of the UIMP.


The course begins on October 3, 2017 and ends the week of September 24, 2018 with the reading before the court of the Master's End Works.

In general, students will meet the following times:

  • Morning groups: Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 14:45 hours
  • Afternoon groups: Monday through Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

These schedules do not prevent that other classes can be programmed at different times throughout the program, whenever necessary, to complete the student's training.


Admission to the Master's degree requires possession of an official Spanish university degree or another issued by an institution of higher education belonging to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) which, in the country issuing the diploma, provides access to teaching Master's Degree, with special preference for graduates in Social and Legal Sciences, Sciences and Health Sciences, Engineering and Architecture.

Graduates may be admitted in accordance with educational systems outside the EHEA without the need for homologation of their degrees, subject to accreditation of a level of training equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degrees and which, in the country issuing the diploma for access to teachings Of graduate studies. Access in this way will not imply, in any case, the homologation of the degree, nor its recognition for other purposes than that of studying the Master's teachings.

A) Access conditions for students of the ICEX Internationalization Scholarship Program

In order to be admitted to the Master's Degree and obtain the scholarship, as well as the eventual access to the practices in the Economic and Commercial Offices of the Spanish Embassies abroad, a rigorous selection process is followed.

ICEX makes a public call every year describing the selection process and requirements of the candidates ( ICEX assumes the costs of this Master, Except for public tuition, Of all the students selected in each call and the remuneration during the internship abroad for those students who enter the internship period in the second year.

B) Access conditions for other students

Places may be offered for an additional group of students not included in the ICEX internationalization scholarship program. Spanish or foreign students must undergo, in any case, a selection procedure equivalent to that made by ICEX and carried out directly by ICEX-CECO.

In the 2017-2018 edition, no places are offered for this additional group.


In its edition 2017-2018 the enrollment to the Master is only open to students of the ICEX Internationalization Scholarship Program.

Both the registration procedure and the required documentation must be consulted at

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