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Designed for "senior" senior level executives, the Executive Master in Business Administration ISEAD Business School is a flexible and challenging program. Promotes team collaboration, leadership, adaptability and generating new ideas to question reality. All this in an environment of cultural diversity that enriches the experience of the student and his organization.

The program teaches not only to identify the opportunity, but to create / innovate, essential ability in a constantly evolving business environment.

The benefits of the program are based on:

  • Rapid enterprise deployment strategies worked in the classroom
  • Cloister experienced in the functioning of the global market
  • international professional participants
  • Consolidation of professional relationships, International Network

Through comprehensive curriculum, the Executive Master in Business Administration ISEAD Business School promotes reflection on students, more efficient work and problem identification through observation. It combines work, initiative, skills, creation and lead generation.

  • ONLINE (1)
  • Spanish
  • 40 credits (2), 13 months
ANNOUNCEMENTS: February, June and October
experience Media 8 years
Middle Ages 32 years
experience Directive

(1) Two International Weeks
First week: Miami (Florida - USA)
Second Week: Medellin (Colombia) and Madrid (Spain)

(2) Measured under the North American Semiannual System Credits

The program has received significant recognition in business publications as the Financial Times and Business Week.

Program Structure

  1. modules
    • Competitive Process Fundamentals Develops the capacity and directives to understand the main elements involved in the process design skill, and analyze the coherence of the various decisions that shape and impact on performance indicators of the company.
    • Fundamentals of Management
    • Cost Analysis for Decision Making
    • Fundamentals of Customer Focused Marketing
    • Talent management
    • Accounting and Financial Analysis
    • Competitive Process Management
    • Effective management of the Integral Communication
    • Financial management
    • Competitive strategy
    • Sales Management
    • Effective Project Management
    • Investment Analysis and Business Valuation
    • Trade Marketing
    • The budget as a management tool
    • International marketing
    • Economic environment
    • Development Strategy and Balanced Scorecard
    • Interior leadership
    • E-Commerce
    • Management control
    • Business Policy
  2. End of Master Project: Business Plan
  3. Presencial Week 1: Government Organizations
  4. Presencial Week 2: Business Model Transformation

NOTE: ISEAD reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate in the present structure of the program and its contents intended to provide the best and most current training materials.

Program taught in:

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This course is Online & Campus Combined
Start Date
Sept. 2019
Oct. 2019
14 months
15,000 USD
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Oct. 2019
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