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The Executive MBA (Executive Master in Business Administration) is a joint initiative of INEDE Business School and the Association for the Progress of Management (APD) based on business management techniques and endorsed by many years of success and experience of both institutions . Both from the academic point of view and from the point of view of creating a powerful network of professional contacts, this program is currently the best Executive MBA in Valencia.


The main goal of the master's degree is to guarantee managers and entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully develop the management of companies in dynamic and competitive environments.

Addressed to

Practicing professionals with an average experience over 10 years. In the Executive MBA + the average age of the students is 36 years. All students are managers, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and technical specialists with managerial functions. The area of ​​responsibility within the company, the activity sector of the company and the career of origin of its students is very diverse. Most of the students are engineers, graduates in economics or business administration and management, lawyers and graduates in marketing and business management, although many other degrees are in this program the perfect way to make your immersion in the world of management business

Career prospects

  • Company management
  • Department management


The Executive MBA will start in October 2017 and end in July 2018

The master's degree is offered in two hours. For group 1, the face-to-face sessions take place on Fridays from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm and for group 2, the on-site sessions take place on Fridays from 15.30 to 19.30 and on Saturdays from 9.30 to 13.30.



In an increasingly competitive world it is important to pay attention to the possible opportunities and threats that may arise, set goals for the company and establish action programs and objectives. Therefore, the Executive MBA covers these strategic management concepts:

  • Competitiveness-strategy and generation of added value
  • Strategic thinking
  • Objectives and organization
  • Strategic decision making
  • Environment and competitive dynamics
  • Analysis and strategic diagnosis
  • Formulation and planning of the strategy
  • Generic Competitive Strategies
  • Growth, cooperation and crisis strategies
  • Innovation and value creation
  • Project and creativity management
  • Implementation of the balanced scorecard

This module provides students with the necessary tools to implement a budget control policy and to analyze the financial data of the company and the profitability of any investment.

  • Balance sheets and income accounts
  • Analysis and financial diagnosis
  • Current management
  • Management of short-term operational financial resources
  • Treasury management
  • Financial planning process
  • Investment analysis
  • Annual operating budget
  • Control systems
  • Cost systems for management
  • Financial formulas and new financial products
  • Financial Accounting

The life of the products is shortened and the offers tend to be similar. A demanding and changing market needs to determine marketing policies adapted to the context and with effective sales management.

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Commercial management and strategic marketing
  • Market analysis and commercial research
  • Consumer behavior
  • Market Segmentation
  • positioning
  • Product Policy
  • Price policy
  • Distribution and marketing policy
  • Communication and promotion policy
  • Selection, motivation, retribution of the sales force
  • Organization of the sales force
  • Marketing information system
  • Marketing plan
  • Sales plan
  • Commercial budget and sales quota
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • International trading and marketing

The organization of the intrinsic activity of the company, be it industrial or service, is the differential factor in the competitiveness of the organization. The application of appropriate methodologies is the key to success in operations.

  • Organization and distribution of production.
  • The lean management techniques, just in time, smed, kamban, kaizen
  • Process reengineering and quality management. Model efqm and 6 sigma.
  • The logistics chain and reverse logistics.
  • Procurement management, warehousing and transport logistics

The effective management of people in a knowledge society has a strategic component, being necessary the contribution of value of each of the human resources policies developed. This raises two requirements: to know, from the perspective of the Directorate, the techniques and practices in the management of the people that allow to obtain from the collaborators all the capacities of creativity and imagination at the service of the business project; and develop the necessary skills to achieve success in their professional relationships.

  • Techniques for people management
  • The present and future challenges for the management of HR: environment, company and people
  • The HR strategies to contribute to the improvement of the income statement
  • Workflows from a perspective of: the company, the group, the individual
  • Attract and select talent: recruit, select, hire
  • Competency management
  • Performance evaluation
  • Strategic remuneration
  • Development of the professional career
  • The manager and internal relations: internal communication plan and recognition programs

Personal development of the abilities and knowledge of the students in order to effectively carry out leadership and coordination activities in the role of manager or manager.

  • The manager coach
  • The manager and his personal communication. Assertiveness
  • Negotiation
  • Positive conflict management
  • Management of discipline
  • Stress management
  • emotional intelligence
  • Management of work teams (Outodoor training)

Creation of a complete business plan for a business project. This activity is carried out throughout the master's program in work groups and is defended at the end of it.

Likewise, the master's degree includes activities with prestigious businessmen of the Valencian Comunicad where they share their professional and business experience with the students in a food-colloquium format.

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