Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)


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Program Description


Master's file

Center: Faculty of Economics and Business
Type of teaching: Face-to-face
Language: Spanish
Duration: 1 year
ECTS credits: 60
New admission places: 30

The Master in Business Administration MBA aims to train professionals in the different key areas of company management and management, in assuming responsibilities and in the development of the main managerial skills. The curriculum includes subjects related to business management, corporate strategy, business globalization, leadership, marketing, budget management, financial analysis, and other legal and technological aspects. The contents dealt with in these subjects - taught by professors from the Universidad de Murcia and professionals and managers from various companies and institutions - are a true reflection of the current problems and the most advanced techniques in business administration and management.

In addition, students can specialize in one of these two pathways: Business Management (advanced strategic marketing, operational finance, operations management and advanced accounting subjects) or Business Creation and Management (business opportunities, business plan, business management subjects). the family business and information technology for management).

The student completes his training with external internships in companies. Their objective is to offer an experimental complement through real knowledge of the operation of a company, its working methods and its organization.



The Master of Business Administration (MBA) studies constitute the most advanced studies, from a professional and academic perspective, in the direction and management of companies worldwide. The name MBA has become a standard to refer to these leading studies and magazines and publications in the professional area of business management, such as The Economist, Financial Times or Business Week, which annually offer rankings of the best programs worldwide.

The new challenges of the business and social environment demand versatile graduates capable of creating and directing dynamic and innovative companies. Aware of this reality, the Official University Master's Degree in Business Management MBA at the Universidad de Murcia , which is proposed here, seeks to train professionals in the different key areas of the direction and management of a company, in its process of creation and development, in the assumption of responsibilities and in the development of the main managerial competencies.

For this, the Master MBA proposes a learning and specialization program in the best management practices and in the development of the necessary skills and attitudes that facilitate decision-making and the resolution of business problems. This Master's degree includes an internship program in companies that allows to complement the theoretical knowledge acquired with real experience in companies.


The following specific competencies are developed and established for this title:

  • CE1 - Ability to know and assess the aspects of the general management of a company and determine the strategic objectives and the organization of the resources and capacities of the organization according to the opportunities and threats presented to it.
  • CE2 - Ability to integrate into any of the functional areas of the company, performing the required management tasks.
  • CE3 - Ability to issue advisory reports on the situations of companies, markets and functional areas.
  • CE4 - Ability to apply professional criteria based on the handling of technical instruments to the analysis of company problems.
  • CE5 - Ability to understand the basic legal framework of the company and know and assess the legal and tax circumstances that affect the company.
  • CE6 - Have communication, negotiation and management skills for people and teams.
  • CE7 - Ability to identify those aspects related to culture and ethics and their impact on business organizations.
  • CE8 - Ability to identify the impact of macro and micro economic variables in business organizations, such as asset valuation, investment selection, financing sources, financial policies or financial markets.
  • CE9 - Ability to learn to learn, identifying how, when and where new personal and organizational skills are necessary.
  • CE10 - Ability to manage change.
  • CE11 - Ability to advise the technologies and information systems appropriate to the needs of a company in the various functional areas.
  • CE12 - Leadership capacity in the coordination of the functional, business and corporate decisions and strategies of the company.
  • CE13 - Ability to carry out a management of human resources in accordance with the strategy and organizational structure of the company, its functions, resources and capabilities.
  • CE14 - Ability and advanced mastery of commercial and distribution aspects in the company.
  • CE15 - Capacity for the elaboration and design of the company's strategy
  • CE16 - Ability to prepare and interpret accounting and financial statements in accordance with current national and international regulations.
  • CE17 - Ability to prepare and interpret statements and auditing actions of companies and business groups.
  • CE18 - Ability to identify commercial and marketing problems of the company and propose solution strategies.
  • CE19 - Ability to evaluate and design the financial strategies of the company.
  • CE20 - Ability to evaluate and direct the fund and credit policy of the company.
  • CE21 - Ability to communicate with all levels of management and administration.
  • CE22 - Ability to appreciate diversity and multiculturalism in business.
  • CE23 - Know and assess the specific problems of the direction and management of SMEs and family businesses
  • CE24 - Ability to apply knowledge to practice


Admission profile

The MBA program is a higher-level and multidisciplinary academic training that, in addition to transmitting specialized knowledge and effective management techniques, fosters the personal, managerial and analytical skills of the participants, completing their professional profile to the standards demanded today. by companies.

This general objective is intended to be achieved through a set of subjects that pursue, among others, the following partial objectives:

  • Deepen knowledge of the company's environment.
  • Mastering the strategies and management of business creation and management processes in their various functional areas.
  • Promote the development of a spirit of creativity and initiative typical of high-level positions in the company.
  • Develop the skills and attitudes necessary for the correct assessment of business risks and opportunities.
  • Develop the necessary capacities for the analysis, diagnosis and resolution of the problems that the creation and development of a business entails.
  • Deepen your knowledge of the Internet, the new economy and business opportunities.
  • Develop the ability to work in a team during the decision-making process.
  • Deepen knowledge of managerial and negotiation skills.

The Study Plan of this Master's Degree takes into account that any professional activity must be carried out:

a) From the respect to the fundamental rights and equality between men and women, must be included, in the study plans where appropriate, teachings related to these rights.

b) From the respect and promotion of Human Rights and the principles of universal accessibility and design for all in accordance with the provisions of the tenth final provision of Law 51/2003, of December 2, on Equal opportunities, non-discrimination and universal accessibility for people with disabilities, and teachings related to said rights and principles should be included in the curricula where appropriate.

c) In accordance with the values of a culture of peace and democratic values, and should be included, in the curricula where appropriate, teachings related to these values.

Professional outings

Taking into account the training that the student acquires during the completion of this study program, at the end of it, the exercise of the function of administration and general management of companies and other organizations of any kind will be the professional outlet.

Likewise, you may apply for managerial positions in any of the functional areas usually identified in the company (marketing, finance, human resources, production).

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