The Advantage and Edge of a Taylor’s MBA

The Taylor’s MBA, also known as Master of Business Administration, is an academically rigorous coursework programme that is innovative, practical and globally relevant. Our MBA curriculum combines personalised leadership development with a strategised multidisciplinary approach to help you learn. It is designed to provide you with a foundation of business knowledge, insights, and skills to help you succeed anywhere in the world.

Our master’s programme in Business Administration emphasises the development of personal leadership styles, goals, and competencies. Our postgraduate students hone key skills required of top executives: working with management, shareholders, stakeholders; as well as managing teams and relationships.

Key Benefits of the Programme


  • A lateral perspective of business and management issues
  • Comprehensive insight and the aptitude to bring formulated strategies to fruition in an efficient manner
  • Development of management skills and techniques
  • Deeper understanding of the functions carried out by a manager and a leader
  • Heightened confidence in all aspects of business

Career progression

  • Greater prospects for promotion
  • Broadened career opportunities
  • Long-term prospects and security

Key Benefits to Employers

Human Capital Investment

  • Increased capacity to attract and long-term retention of high potential managers
  • Multi-dimensional approach to management education
  • Systematic approach to the development of management-level staff
  • Developing viable succession planning options for tomorrow’s leaders

Program taught in:
  • English
Last updated January 11, 2019
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