Master of Business Administration in Marketing


Program Description

“If you don’t think as a customer, you don’t think at all” – these words of famous businessman Jeck Welch create impression on the type of international marketer we have to bring up today. In light of marketing and time demands, the leader of marketing should think like a customer.

A marketer weaponed with principles of responsibility and skepticism is devoted to establishing a value network, which can connect the national market with international ones and support mutually beneficial exchange.

Accordingly, the main goal of the program is to bring up a marketer distinguished by knowledge and experience of the international market and equipped with practical skills enabling him to support and facilitate rapid development of various fields of Georgia and the entire Caucasian region having export potentials. Bringing up professional of international marketing in the 21st century is the accumulation of biggest intellectual potential in one person who can well influence beneficial connections between national and international markets and the whole economy, the positive development of the international relations.


Methods of Achievement of Results of Study

Merging adjusted and modern methods of teaching the courses of study envisaged under the program guarantees the achievement of success.

Teaching methodology is mostly based on student-oriented teaching methods and contains techniques for raising students’ motivation and sense of responsibility. The student-oriented teaching strategy is a rather efficient and tested method aimed at the development of a student. According to this method, the student is a central figure being the receiver of knowledge and its manager at the same time. A professor should be guided by the principle:

“knowledge-based and free, individual-oriented thinking combined with teamwork principle ensuring training of new leaders”. The mentioned strategy motivates a student. He/she initially realizes that he/she will be able to reveal his/her best qualities within the frame of this program. Students are impressed by knowledge-based discussion medium where free thinking is encouraged. This is the very social medium at the creation of which implementers and students of the Master’s Program of International Marketing aim. A student should turn into an important member of a team since the only harmonized merger of a team and individual work can ensure big success in the world of modern marketing.

The disciplines envisaged under the program refer to the issues by means of 2 methods: provision of knowledge and discussion. The mentioned methods will increase the involvement of a student in the process of realization and perception of the discipline itself, which, on its part, will increase students’ responsibility for management, development, and application of own knowledge. A student should realize that without dynamic actions any theory, even a very efficient one, especially in marketing, can be only a guarantee of stagnation and inefficiency.

Once this wisdom is perceived, a student learns not only to listen and passively acquire knowledge but to revive it and understands the importance of achieving success through the realization of his/her knowledge. A student should comprehend that in the world of international marketing any theory is only the beginning of practice and attempt to analyze practice.

The following teaching methods will be used in the course of implementation of the program:

  • Bookwork method;
  • Verbal – spoken method;
  • Presentation and demonstration method;
  • Written work method;
  • Method of carrying out discussions/debates;
  • Individual and group work method;
  • Cooperative teaching;
  • Role plays;
  • Problem-based learning;
  • Explanatory method;
  • Case study;
  • Electronic learning method;
  • Brainstorming;
  • Studying methods of empirical research by action-oriented teaching method;
  • Experience-based teaching method;
  • Co-participation teaching method.

Teaching methods are selected with consideration of content and specifics of a particular discipline which is reflected in the syllabus of relevant discipline.


Possibility to Continue Studies

A graduate of the Master’s Program is entitled to continue studies in higher education institutions of Georgia or other countries at Doctor’s Program of Business Administration oriented to the training of researchers of the next level.

Continuing scientific research in the spheres of international marketing, international branding, supply, and international integrated marketing communications will ensure serious prospects to the graduate.

World university education in the field of international marketing, a large amount of universities implementing scientific training and variety of famous professors the team implementing the program under consideration has contacts with, provide grounds for stating that in case of continuation of studies in the sphere of international marketing, achievement of success is guaranteed to a great extent.

Precondition for admission to the program

A bachelor or a person holding an equivalent academic degree in any direction/specialty is entitled to enroll for the

Master Educational Program of International Marketing on the basis of results of the General Master’s Examinations and examinations and tests conducted in the University.

The grounds for obtainment of the status of a student of Master’s Educational Program are the results of General

Master’s Exams conducted by the National Center of Examinations, internal exams in specialty and English language test, taken at the University. A person submitting a certificate certifying knowledge of English at B2 level is released from taking English test.

Upon the decision of the University, a student may be interviewed instead of taking an exam in a specialty.

Upon obtainment of the status of a student of Caucasus International University, a person is obliged to submit to the university a document certifying Bachelor’s or its equivalent degree while a person is on file for military service in line with the applicable legislation shall submit a document confirming that a person is on file for military service.

Enrollment for the Master’s Educational Program of International Marketing via academic mobility is permitted twice a year within the term established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia with the observation of obligatory procedures and rules determined by the University.

Enrollment for the Master’s Educational Program or enrollment by means of transfer from acknowledged higher education institution of a foreign country is accomplished on the basis of the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

Last updated Mar 2019

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