Master of Business Administration


Program Description

Master of Business Administration

The mission of the International Accredited MBA Program is to prepare young professionals from all over the world, who will be leaders in their organizations and their entrepreneurial endeavors, through highly interactive seminars.

Business Sites Visits and multicultural cases studies facilitate future professional opportunities.

The MBA Program builds managers who will have a broad comprehension of the business context, a solid understanding of business fundamentals and an international outlook.

November 2012-July 2013

One year Accredited MBA Program in the heart of Paris

  • Courses 100% in English with international faculty
  • Job or Internship compatible
  • Credits Transferable in Europe & U.S.A.
  • Thesis under individual supervision
  • Possibilities to pursue studies in the U.S.A.
  • Next session: November 2012

Program Organization

The program runs in Paris at the Weller International Business School and allows participants to follow internships.

The program starts in November 2012.

Classes are held once a week on Thursday and Friday during a period of nine months. Additionally, the program offers four sessions of three days from Thursday to Saturday with foreign visiting faculty from the U.S.A. and Europe.

The master level Thesis is to be completed at the end of the program.

The program is ACBSP accredited. It responds to the Bologna process criterions. Credits are transferable worldwide.

Graduates from the European Union will receive a Diploma Supplement. Its model was developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES. The purpose of this supplement is to provide sufficient independent data to improve the international ‘transparency’, fair academic and professional recognition of qualifications (diplomas, degrees, certificates, etc.). It is designed to provide a description of nature, level, context, content, and status of the studies that were pursued and successfully completed by the individual named on the original qualification to which this supplement is appended.

Program Curriculum

All classes are conducted entirely in English. Modules last 30 or 24 Contact Hours:

Financial Accounting and Statement Analysis (AFIN 106)

  • Principles of Corporate Finance (CFIN 103)
  • International Finance (IFIN 120)
  • Management of Organizations(MAMT 105)
  • Cross-Cultural Management (CCMT 104)
  • Marketing & Sales (IMKT 125)
  • Strategic Marketing Management (IMKT 126)
  • Corporate Advertising (CCAD 124)
  • International Business Law (INBL 107)

Strategic Management (SMNT 127)

  • Crisis Communication Management (CCMA 130)
  • Entrepreneurship (ENTP 115)
  • Sourcing & Supply Chain Management (SSCM 113)
  • Negotiation & Conflicts Resolution (NGCR 118)
  • Information Technology for Managers (INTC 114)
  • Entrepreneurship (ENTP 115)
  • Career Management (CMNT 112)
  • MBA Thesis Research Strategy & Standards (TRSS 129)

WIBS accredited MBA Alumni Testimonials

"The Weller MBA program was more than beneficial. I learned a lot through the different courses and I feel more confident to enter the job market thanks to the knowledge I acquired."

Audrey Bonnet

"The program was very good and gave us a general vision of the business work environment. It provided diverse knowledge in a short period. There was a great atmosphere in class, where we were working in different groups that make me think we were being prepared to work well in the real world."

Jamal El Moudni

"I chose the Weller MBA because I was looking for a career booster. The opportunity to meet professionals with a real experience in a working environment was really rewarding. It was a real challenge with a lot to learn. The diploma in itself is a label that opens many doors. I think this MBA gave me the maturity to position myself on the labor market more efficiently."

Philippe Caïus

"The best point of the program was getting the experience from the teachers and implementing the learning in the business cases. It was very instructive and efficient way of analyzing the issues. I feel more confident to enter the job market thanks to the knowledge I acquired."

Sebastien Saillard

"It was a pleasure working with the Weller MBA faculty and the classmates, learning new aspects of the business world today. The program was well organized and definitely did widen my knowledge and the scope of perceiving things. I took a very good step in my lifetime following the Weller MBA course."

Daoud Bourma Abdoulaye

"The great thing about Weller MBA is its varied curriculum. It covers the latest topics. There was a good mix of the student body —their experiences and academic backgrounds are diverse. Teachers were excellent. I gained a lot from the program; it was extremely useful to boost my career."

Saar Oulimata

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Since 1981, Weller International Business School has one Ambition : To train Men and Women to become leaders able to manage multi-cultural Teams. To help them playing a key role in the Global Economic ... Read More

Since 1981, Weller International Business School has one Ambition : To train Men and Women to become leaders able to manage multi-cultural Teams. To help them playing a key role in the Global Economic World. To meet this objective, 3 core values : • TO BE GLOBAL ORIENTED, • TO TAKE ACTION, • TO DEVELOP EACH POTENTIAL. Our courses are taught in French and English and share the essential principles and methods used by all successful companies : • PERFORMANCE ORIENTATION, • EFFICIENCY DRIVEN, • PEOPLE RESPECT. A « Human Size » kind of teaching is privileged, WIBS and its professors are linking the subjects taught to the real world of the most efficient and effective companies. 3 000 Alumni from Paris, Barcelona, Stuttgart, New-York and Shanghai are now Executives and Top Executives in France and abroad working in various Economic fields Read less